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How Our Scheduler Helps Gyms & Members

When it comes to running a gym or fitness club, happy members are obviously top priority and key to healthy retention. You may think that the technical side of running a business is only helpful to you as a gym owner, but members appreciate intuitive and up to date software that benefits their fitness journeys and gym experiences–especially when it comes to personal training and group classes. Here is how our scheduler helps both gyms and members.


Organization is crucial to any successful business, especially a gym because fitness success stories derive from people having plans and structures. Our scheduler displays day, month and year views on a clean and modern interface that makes navigation quick and easy, using our robust drag and drop. With this feature, an owner is able to sign a member up for an event in a calendar view by quickly dragging a class or personal training session right under their profile. Our scheduler also offers features like room design and conflict resolution, which go hand in hand when it comes to knowing what is where and when events are happening.

The room design feature allows owners to label where all classes and trainers will be on a given day, while our conflict resolution solves any scheduling issues before they arise. Both features will verify whether an event has been double-booked or is in the wrong area of room. Plus, personal trainers feel taken care of with these features because they don’t have to worry about making sure their trainees are in the correct area at the right time. Lastly, our scheduler will send out email notifications to all sides of the party–class instructors, trainers and members to notify everyone where they’re supposed to be at what specific times, ensuring there is no miscommunication, and everyone is on the same page.

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Members need efficiency with their fitness goals and appreciate being able to quickly sign up for personal training or group classes right from their phones. This ultimately adds value to their fitness experiences and an owner’s retention because members don’t have to jump through hoops to use all that a gym has to offer. Besides, if a gym or fitness club does not offer these tools that members need to be successful, retention will go down and members will seek them elsewhere.

It’s all about understanding people, then implementing that intuition into the software. Sometimes members, especially individuals who are new to working out, don’t even fully know what they need and want. Their deciding factor of signing up for a gym membership in the first place may not have necessarily been the software. They also most likely didn’t even know from the get-go that technology would help their success, but it will sure keep someone around in the long run because they feel like they are being taken care of.

Members sign up for group classes and personal training for a reason, ­and it’s usually because they need the extra motivation and a typical gym session just won’t cut it. On a deeper level, members need other people to relate to and connect with, and fitness, whether it’s a spin class or one-on-one training, is as personal as it gets from a business standpoint. When technology covers the extra work, screen time is reduced, and face to face time is increased.


In this day and age when technology dictates every waking moment, establishing strong bonds with all gym members is imperative to healthy and successful gyms. The point is for the technology to take care of the owners, so they can take care of their members. Even though many would argue that technology retracts us from authentic human interaction, it’s actually the opposite with our scheduler.

The more intuitive and efficient technology is, the less time a client spends looking at a computer screen and worrying about running their business, which means they have more quality time to connect with their members, enjoy club activities with them and help them reach their fitness goals. As this happens, the retention of a fitness club will naturally increase because the technology takes care of the rest.

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Our scheduler is available to all current ASF clients. For more information, contact our Sales Department directly at 800-227-3859 and [email protected].



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