Introducing Scheduler

My Member Account Mobile App is a simple tool designed to generate revenue for owners through increased member engagement. It allows members to sign up for fitness classes, whether it’s personal or team training, Zumba or a body pump class.

Members can also check-in right from their phones, view their own personal schedules including past and future events and purchase additional workout sessions. The app greets members by name and supports a personalized profile photo. 

Introducing Scheduler

Scheduler is an intuitive application within the My Club Business software suite designed to help gym owners and their members efficiently schedule fitness classes and training events.    

The interface includes features like a room designer, a class conflict resolution along with convenient email notifications and a robust drag and drop.

Club owners can schedule complex series of events, verify that events have not been double booked, are in the wrong room or area and they can make sure that trainers are available.

 Accessible on any device, Scheduler offers a simple navigation that is user-friendly and makes scheduling classes and training events easier.




• Easy scheduling on any device
• Verify trainer schedules


• Room designer
• Class conflict                    resolution


• Automatic email                notifications
• Drag and drop                functionality

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