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Digital Trends and Transformations for the Fitness Industry

As 2021 nears ever closer, many gym owners are preparing to fully immerse themselves in what has quickly become a new era for the fitness industry. The pandemic played a huge role in transforming club operators’ priorities and operational systems throughout 2020.  While the need to socially distance was a key driver in many gyms choosing to finally embrace the digital landscape, new digital trends and technological innovations have been pushing health clubs in this direction for some time now. How Forward-Thinking Club Owners Leverage Technology In the past, the health club industry’s reliance on technology was almost solely in

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Gym Technology Defined: What is GymTech?

It was mid-January when some of us from Club OS and ASF met outside a warehouse in Littleton, Colo. The purpose was to review the final stages of construction for an enormous tradeshow booth.   Within the two organizations, one a marketing and sales tool and the other a club management and billing solution, there had been talks about combining efforts for the upcoming IHRSA. The solutions themselves worked well together, though talk of a combined offering was still in its early stages.   As we gathered, and surveyed the structure, we agreed that gyms need the functionality of both logos on this booth, but they need a host of other functionality

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The Real Value of Member Management

Whether you own a fitness center, gym, health club, or another kind of subscription-based business, you know just how important it is to ensure memberships are converted into revenue. A combination of strategic procedures, technological innovations, and skilled individuals are necessary to make this happen. As a whole system, this process is known as revenue-cycle management (RCM). Understanding Revenue-Cycle Management Revenue-cycle management is most often associated with accounting and reporting. But at a fundamental level, it also comprises the various technologies and interactions needed for businesses to handle billing issues, deal with delinquent payments, and maximize revenue from deposits.  What

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The Benefits of a Customizable Class Scheduler

On-demand workouts have taken the fitness industry by storm and are now more important than ever with the necessity of virtual classes during a global pandemic. Fitness clubs have been waging with fierce competition from streaming workout providers such as Peloton and Daily Burn. During a pandemic, virtual offerings and tasks such as managing a club’s virtual class schedule have become top priority.  In fact, online-only fitness services are seeing considerable increases in membership as the industry adapts, according to CNN. This blog explores how a fully customizable class scheduler like My Club Business can make planning and administration easier

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Reopening: How the Fitness Industry is Moving Forward

As we’re all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced fitness clubs in the U.S. to limit or change operations. With the reopening of some cities and states, we wanted to check in with the fitness industry to see how they have been handling these changes. We surveyed our customers and prospects to gain a better understanding of the range of struggles clubs have faced these past 6 months.   Who Did We Hear From? First, thank you to all who participated in The State of the Fitness Industry survey sent between June 21 – August 17. We received almost 500 responses,

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6 Tips to Help Transition to Reopening

We all know that the fitness industry has been rattled by COVID-19. Everyone has most likely been affected financially, personally, or mentally in our industry. As we navigate these turbulent times, it’s important that we check-in on one another, help out where we can, and keep our eyes on a brighter future. Our sister-company, GoodTherapy, has been an invaluable resource to many people whose lives have been turned upside down. We want to help your fitness business thrive, but more importantly we want YOU to thrive as well. Visit the GoodTherapy website to learn more about their resources.  As we look

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Announcement: No Late Fees or Return Items

ASF recognizes the impact that COVID-19 is having on your business and your members. We’ve been extensively reviewing the evolving situation, during this unprecedented pandemic. For facilities that have decided to continue processing membership dues, beginning in April, ASF will no longer charge any Late Fees or Return Item Fees to members that are continuing to make their payments during this pandemic. We understand their commitment to your business and your community. ASF will continually monitor and reevaluate this policy as this industry crisis unfolds. We’re here to support you. Please reach out to our Client Support team at 1-800-527-6898.

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Announcement: Membership Collections in Reserve for 30 Days

Due to COVID-19, our industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Many clubs are temporarily—or, in some cases, permanently—closing their doors. In doing our part to preserve your business and contribute to the sustainability and longevity of the industry we all love so dearly, we are making some changes to mitigate liability in these uncertain times. We are actively monitoring gym collections during this time and, unsurprisingly, we are seeing an increase in member chargebacks and/or refund demands. Effective immediately, ASF will hold 10% of all membership collections in reserve until 30 days after the applicable facility has reopened and is operating

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Schedule Online Classes & Training for FREE!

COVID-19 has forced our industry to quickly make significant changes to our business plans. Listening to feedback from our clients and understanding the shift in services, ASF has moved quickly to release this new product enhancement to our Scheduler application. We’re excited to announce that ASF clients can now schedule online streaming events using our Scheduler application. • Login details and access information can be stored for each event • Members can easily register for classes or training online • Event details are emailed directly to them This new product is free to all clients through August 1, 2020! To

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Streaming Online Classes During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink how they can survive during these unprecedented times.  Online training and classes have proven to be a significant resource for health clubs and martial arts studios. However, you may be under the impression that it’s an expensive undertaking. The reality is that you can stream classes and training with little or no money out of pocket using Facebook Groups, YouTube or Zoom. Below is a link to an instructional video on how you can take advantage of these tools.​ Watch Video These are long term tools you can continue to use for

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