Room Designer

Whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic or it’s business as usual, your gym has to be able to move fast and make changes on the fly.

Get Your Gym Organized with Room Designer

The ASF Room Designer helps you manage every space and piece of equipment in your gym to ensure you’re always in control. Room Designer gives you and your members the flexibility you need to focus on fitness — not administrative tasks.  

Take Control of
Every Space in Your Gym

Designating training spaces, managing room reservations, and keeping tabs on equipment has never been easier. The ASF Room Designer gives you the flexibility you need to control how any space in your gym or studio is used — whether for individual workouts or group fitness classes.  

Room Designer also integrates with ASF Scheduler to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Here’s what Room Designer gives you the freedom to do in just a few clicks:  

  • Move or assign bike or position numbers. 
  • Close or block off certain stations or equipment. 
  • Keep your team organized and boost efficiency. 
  • Let members reserve a space and book equipment. 
ASF Room Designer screenshots on a computer
group of people taking a spin class

Put Room Designer
to Work for You

Let’s say you have TRX at 8 a.m. and small group training at 9 a.m., and both need to take place in the same room. With Room Designer, you can designate the space for each class, assign the trainers or instructors, and reserve any equipment. Then, members know where to be and when and with what equipment.  

Or, you can use Room Designer to let members reserve an elliptical or treadmill so all they have to do is walk into the gym, go directly to the machine they reserved, and dive into their workout. Say goodbye to member complaints about never being able to find a piece of available equipment. 

Understand What
Your Members Want

Room Designer can deliver insight into the types of workouts and equipment your gym members prefer. It can also help you understand peak workout times and what equipment is used the most.   

With this insight, you’ll be able to plan what equipment you may need to purchase more of or what equipment might need to be repaired or replaced more regularly. When you know how members are using your space, you can encourage them to come at off-peak hours to be able to use their favorite piece of equipment or to try out a different type of class.   

group workout on spin bikes


“We have used ASF for more than six years and are very satisfied with the service they provide for our gym. The customer service team is top notch. They are always willing to help no matter how big or small the job is.” 

Andrea P. | Armbrust Pro Gym (Wheat Ridge, CO)