Online Check-In

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Make Check-In EASY, So They Can Workout HARD

Online Check-In is a tool in the My Club Business gym management software suite that simplifies checking members in and signing up for classes and training events. 

Compatible with desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones and Android devices, Online Check-In integrates with My Member Account Mobile App by allowing members to easily check in using their personal barcodes.

In addition to engaging them through software, Online Check-In makes for a faster and more efficient check-in process for both owners and members.

Fast Process

In a hurry or not, no one likes to wait, so give members more time to focus on fitness with instant check-in.

  • Quick Check-In on Any Device
  • Class & Training Registration
  • Less Screen Time & More Time for Fitness
ASF Online Self Check-in
ASF Adaptable Online Check-in

Adaptable Tool

Check members in on any device using their names, account numbers, personal barcodes or through My Member Account Mobile App.

  • Check-In on Multiple Devices
  • Integrates with My Member Account Mobile App
  • Scan Barcodes or Type in Member Information

More Efficiency & Higher Engagement

Ensure smooth check-in with convenient access to member account information, Point of Sale and Scheduler. Quick check-in means less screen time and more time for owners and their staff to focus on their members.

  • Save Time & Focus on Other Business Tasks
  • Access Scheduler & Point of Sale
  • Increase Member Engagement & Boost Retention
ASF Online Check-in screenshots on computer


I just want to take a moment to thank the many employees that I have called and have assisted me — trust me, they have been lifesavers. The patience Desirae and everyone has shown me as been a godsend. Your staff has always been professional and friendly. Thank you again for making running my business so much easier.

Jesse | Land O’ Lakes Family Fitness Center (Land O’ Lakes, FL)