Frequently Asked Questions

ASF offers a suite of intuitive gym management software solutions designed for health and fitness clubs, gyms, martial arts studios, and more. In addition to our seamless integration with the Club OS CRM, we also offer the following solutions: 


No! You only pay for what you need. We designed our software suite to meet your club wherever it is — as your business grows, we’ve got solutions to help you scale up.  


Owners who sell club merchandise, personal training sessions, group class packages, or extra health club perks can benefit from point of sale and inventory management software. If you offer a lot of merchandise, ASF’s software can help you more easily manage, track, sell, and organize your inventory from anywhere on any device.  

Point of sale is strictly for club merchandise and inventory — not membership dues. So, for example, if your members can purchase merchandise, add-ons, training sessions, or class bundles that aren’t included in their membership fee, point of sale has you covered. Basic membership dues must go through our PCI-compliant payment processor, which is separate from point of sale. 



Our payment processing is fully customizable to the needs of your business and your members. We offer everything from basic payment processing to premium payment processing with member follow-up, which includes collection efforts, member phone calls, and membership cancellations.   

ASF also processes payments based on your members’ financial needs. We can bill monthly, bimonthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our support team can also contact members via phone or email — during periods of 30, 60, 90, or 120 days — to resolve payment issues. Our customer support team acts as an extension of your business so you can spend more time on mission-critical tasks.  



ASF’s solutions empower your members to take the reins on their fitness journey with self-service features. Members can easily manage their account and payment information from any device on their own time, or they can call the ASF member support team to resolve any problems.  

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is required by credit card companies in order to ensure the safety and security of credit card transactions. PCI compliance ensures that when your club processes credit card transactions, the information is protected. PCI compliance creates peace of mind for your business and your members, freeing everyone to focus on fitness rather than data security.  



All of our payment processing service plans are great and ensure PCI compliance. It just depends on what your business and members need. Here’s what you get with a full-service premium plan: 

  • Full payment processing 
  • Custom billing plans 
  • Member self-service 
  • Easy club transitions 
  • Up to 120 days of ongoing member follow-up

Here is what you get with the process-only plan:   

  • Basic payment processing 
  • Custom billing plans
  • Member self-service 
  • Easy club transitions 
  • Club handles all member follow-up 

Although we recommend premium processing to eliminate payment hassles, it’s up to gym owners to decide what works best for their businesses. 


Yes! ASF has an experienced implementation department that will not only help get your business on board with our services, but also will ensure a smooth transition for your gym or club. Whether you’re coming from a large billing company or just managing membership dues on your own, our implementation experts deliver a hassle-free transfer of your data to the ASF system.  

No! Enrollment and Scheduler complement each other. Enrollment works on the backend — for membership sign-ups and drafting payments and dues — and Scheduler lets members schedule classes, training sessions, and events. Without ASF Enrollment, ASF Scheduler won’t work.  

Online Check-In is a must for any gym or club that wants to deliver a better member experience. It lets your members spend less time on screens and more time on fitness — and it works on any device. With Online Check-In, you also prevent your team from having to spend time on manual processes. 


“We have used ASF for more than six years and are very satisfied with the service they provide for our gym. The customer service team is top notch. They are always willing to help no matter how big or small the job is.” 

Andrea P. | Armbrust Pro Gym (Wheat Ridge, CO)