Offer Builder

If you have special membership discounts but have to tap your software partner every time you need to create an offer, you deserve better! 

Run Your Business Your Way with Offer Builder

With ASF Offer Builder, you have the freedom and flexibility to create endless offers on your own. Stop waiting for your software partner to make changes for you. Get empowered and start running your gym your way. 

Take the Reins on Discounts and Offers

Say goodbye to rigid software operated solely by a tech partner who could take days or weeks to create an offer for your club. With ASF Offer Builder, you have the flexibility to set up fully customized membership offers and discounts in minutes, not days. If you do need some assistance creating a membership discount or other offer, no problem. ASF is here to help when and how you need it.  

Offer Builder lets you create as many custom memberships and discounts as you want and automation ensures you never have to worry about tracking or managing offers. Here are some details you can customize with Offer Builder:  

  • Start and end dates  
  • Payment terms  
  • Administrative fees  
  • Renewal options 
  • And more!  
ASF Offer Builder screenshot showing offers on computer
ASF Offer Builder payment terms on a computer

Boost Membership Sales and Retain More Members

A one-size-fits-all approach to membership fees can make gym goers feel like just another number. Your team needs to be able to build personalized offers on the spot to boost membership rates and retain more members. You also need to know what offers are bringing in the most sales so you can duplicate them.  

Offer Builder helps you track the performance of promo codes and personalized offers so you can see what is working best and create better marketing and retention campaigns. You can also provide specific team members with the flexibility to negotiate membership terms on the spot.  

Put Offer Builder
to Work for You

Let’s say it’s late October, and gym traffic has slowed down on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So you decide to offer a deep discount for classes on these days through the New Year. Or, for example, a long-time member wants to leave your gym for a cheaper local club and you want to entice them to stay with a discounted membership.  

Offer Builder empowers you and your team to quickly and easily build and roll out custom offers for these scenarios and countless more. Your team can customize offers for specific members and easily create and manage an endless number of promotions, discounts, and personalized rates.  

ASF Offer Builder offer details screenshots


“They knew exactly what I needed to get started, trained our entire staff in using the software, assisted in developing an annual club enhancement fee, and they continue to assist daily with member retention. Their customer service is second to none! The staff at ASF is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. I would highly recommend their services.”

–  Lisa H.    |    The Gym at Picayune