Flexible Gym Payment Processing

We know that secure and flexible payment processing is the foundation of your club’s success. Our fully customizable billing is not only securely processed through PCI compliance, but it is also specific to the needs of both owners and members, giving everyone a peace of mind. 

Our Service Plans

Reliable cash flow ensures that membership payments are processed as promised and remitted to your business, minimizing financial concerns and giving you more time to focus on your members. Our service plans depend on your business needs, so choose what best suits your club and members.  We offer everything from full-service, with all payments and support handled by ASF, to club and process-specific plans.

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How customizable is your payment processing?​

Our payment processing is as specific as our clients need it to be. We offer everything from basic payment processing, to Premium payment processing with member follow-up. This means ASF will handle full collection efforts, member phone calls and membership cancellations. Our Customer Support team will contact members via phone call or email for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days to resolve payment issues, acting as the backend of the owner’s business so they have more time to focus on other business tasks. ASF also processes payments based on the financial needs of members. We can bill monthly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The specifications of our payment processing really depend on how involved our clients want us to be and what is most feasible to their members and financial stream. 

What does member self-service mean? ​

This means that members can manage their payment information through My ASF Account and My Member Account Mobile App for quick and easy updates. If they have more complex issues, they can simply call our Customer Support and we’ll get it taken care of. 

What is PCI compliance?​

Think of PCI compliance as the ultimate financial safety net for your business. PCI compliance ensures member information like credit card numbers are safe ensuring higher security for your business.

What's the main difference between process-only and full-service, and which one is better?

They’re both great! Process-only is literally what it sounds like. We process your membership dues, you handle the rest like member follow-up and cancellations. Premium is the same as process-only except with the combination of our Customer Support. Although we recommend premium processing to eliminate payment hassles, it’s up to the owners and what works best for their businesses.

What if I'm transferring my data from a different company over to ASF or I've never had a payment processor? Are my memberships and club data secure?

Yes! ASF has an entire Implementation department to not only get you on board with our services, but to ensure a smooth transition for your gym or fitness club. Whether you’re coming from a large billing company or you’re just managing membership dues on your own, there’s no headache for you because our Implementation experts will transfer all of your data over to the ASF system. 

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