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Q&A with Al Noshirvani: Advice on Opening a Gym & Choosing the Right Software

By Al Noshirvani, Owner, Method Gym, and Nick Hahn, VP Product of Club OS & ASF

When it comes to the fitness industry, there are few individuals as influential and insightful as Al Noshirvani. As a seasoned thought leader in the field, Al has made waves with his innovative approaches and unparalleled expertise.  

As an IHRSA board member, the cofounder of Motionsoft, the Founder of the Fitness Technology Summit, and many other roles in his track record, Al has unequivocally established himself as one of the thought leaders in our space.  

Al has recently embarked on a new venture as the proud owner of Method Gym—a club whose mission is to provide a fun and affordable environment where all members feel comfortable finding their method and making their fitness journey their own. The grand opening parties for their three locations were held in early May and marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for Al and his team.  

Join the ASF team for a quick-fire Q&A session with Al and Nick Hahn, the VP of Product & Development at Club OS, to understand how the Method Gym team uses gym management software to achieve remarkable success in the fitness industry.  

What were the key elements you looked for in a software provider and technology platform? 

We needed a solution to manage incoming leads, memberships, bookings, and staff in a fully integrated way. We needed it to scale with us as our memberships increased and our team grew.  

We were also looking for a partner who would be open to nuanced requests for product feature enhancements as we continue to learn more about what our members need. And finally, a robust API setup that would allow us to build the ideal technology ecosystem. 

What are the key features of Club OS/ASF that have helped you the most, and how? 

We liked the fact that we had a fully integrated solution with a unified workflow. It helps with training and onboarding of staff from day one of implementation and ongoing.  

We also appreciate the way that the Club OS/ASF team listens to our feedback as it relates to enhancements and features. More impressive, though, was the way they collaborated with us—it’s a true partnership. 

Nick Hahn and Al Noshirvani at Gym
Al Noshirvani

What is the most important step you took while preparing to launch your new fitness brand?  

Selecting the name and brand identity and how they supported our mission was, of course, important, but ensuring our staff bought into what we were doing was the key.  

I asked a good friend and long-time industry colleague, Tom Johnston from Talent Optimizer, to help me craft that message and establish a process for disseminating it. 

Did you have any major concerns as you prepared to transition from one payment processing platform to another? 

We assumed we would see a dip in our collections rate in the few months following the transition for a variety of reasons. However, we have been able to achieve an impressive 96% collection rate.  

That success wouldn’t have been possible without the strong alignment with our partners at ASF and their software. 

What would you do differently if you were to do the rebrand/launch process again?  

Take more time to plan. It’s never enough! 

What is one piece of advice you would give to other gym/franchise owners who are considering opening a gym? 

Focus on what you want to be and who you want to serve and ensure all your staff understand it too. I see a lot of operators in our industry react to business conditions in a knee-jerk way.  

Specifically, we decided that just because a low-price provider opens down the street doesn’t mean that we need to drop our prices. We double down and focus on service and programming. 

Achieve Success like Al with the Right Gym Management Software Partner 

Al Noshirvani’s journey in the fitness industry is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, strategic planning, and using the right tools for success.  

One key factor that has contributed to Al’s achievements is his partnership with Club OS/ASF. A robust gym management software solution has proven instrumental in helping Al’s gym streamline operations, manage memberships, and optimize staff training. 

If you’re about to embark on the exciting journey of opening your own gym, we encourage you to take the next step toward success by scheduling a demo of Club OS/ASF.  

Discover firsthand how this robust software solution can transform your gym management, enhance member experiences, and ultimately propel your business to new heights. 



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