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How to eat right on a budget copy


Healthy food and clean eating are just as important as hitting the gym on a regular basis and are the key ingredients to seeing results from your sweat sessions. The trickiest part that many people struggle with is balance. They find it challenging to maintain an overall healthy diet and a gym membership while still having extra spending money to enjoy life–and let’s face it, if you’re health-conscious in the first place, you’re not going to give up those things, so what should you do if you’re tight on money? Many people have the misconception that eating healthy is expensive

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What is the best time of day to work out?


Whether you’re a major athlete or you’re just starting to adjust to a new fitness routine, we’ve all wondered this at some point. You’re probably asking if a morning workout is better for your health than exercising at night. It’s normal to wonder these things because you want the best results for yourself, and time of day correlates with energy levels, diet, consistency and motivation. While there is no overall right answer, there is a right answer for you and your life. Let’s dive a little into the benefits and setbacks of both so you can determine which option is

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Why is eating breakfast important?


Whether you’re scrambling your eggs or scrambling to get out the door in the morning, at some point in your life, you’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The truth is that your mother didn’t lie to you all of those years, but have you ever wondered why it’s the most important meal of the day? Most Americans skip breakfast and many breakfast places don’t serve the healthiest or “ideal” options that give you all the benefits. According to Livestrong, there is an average eight to 12-hour time block between dinner the night before and breakfast the

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Sore muscles during workouts


If you’ve ever worked out a day in your life, you’ve probably experienced the feeling before. You know when you try to sit down in a chair, then get back up and you can barely move your legs? Or when you’ve worked your arm and back muscles really hard and can barely put shampoo in your hair while taking a shower? That’s the kind of pain we are talking about, and many people refer to it as “good pain” because we associate muscle soreness with how effective our workouts are. It’s the same idea we have about the relationship between

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Should you count calories?


It’s been a common question for ages, and for a lot of people practicing a healthier diet, counting calories leads to yo-yo dieting. On one hand, it’s helpful because it can provide structure with real numbers, whereas on the other hand, it can cause people to obsess about what they’re eating, negatively impacting their long-term health and fitness goals. We count calories now by reading food labels, menus at restaurants and measuring out serving sizes. With that in mind, you’re probably asking again whether or not it’s “better” to count calories. Because it’s a personal choice that depends on your

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Marketing your gym


Whether your fitness club is always busy, or you think you’re falling short in some ways, every business can improve. Just because you have members locked into contracts and using your facility on a daily basis doesn’t mean your job is done. In order to retain your members for life, it’s not only imperative to stay on top of your marketing strategies, but your gym needs real data to recognize patterns, understand your members, along with ensuring that your overall marketing efforts are working. Here are six of our reports that can help you achieve that. 6 Reports to Help with Marketing

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All types of people walk into your club every day with different moods, goals, body types and lifestyles, and although you’re not a mind reader and can’t always tell whether or not people are motivated, it’s important that you’re constantly attentive to each member. It’s easy to assume that everyone who goes to the gym is super excited to be there, but motivation is always fluctuating, especially on certain days, at certain times and with new members who are adapting to new fitness routines and still adjusting to your facility. How your members feel day in and day out affects

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Working out may not be rocket science, but when it comes to reaching fitness goals, so many of us fall short, simply because we weren’t properly informed from the get-go. Here are some of the most common mistakes made at the gym, and how to avoid making them. 1. NOT UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY AND GOALS You may not technically need to know the number on the scale to see results, but before diving right into things understand what areas you want to work on. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to build muscle? Either know numbers like

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We’ve all been there and done that. Right around this time, new year’s resolutions start to die out, and laziness is typically the culprit. Whether you have a goal in mind and you’re trying to adapt to a new routine or you hit the gym regularly, everyone experiences workout laziness. For some it’s more challenging to fight off than others, and it’s not something that truly ever goes away. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fight it off every time. Here’s how. BOOST YOUR ENERGY WITH PRE-WORKOUT FIXES Whether or not that’s an actual pre-workout shake, fuel

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Popular fitness trends


If you are even remotely into fitness and nutrition, are looking to mix up your routine, or if your typical desk salad is starting to bore you, then you’ve probably at least heard of the recent fitness trends out there. Fortunately, there are many ways you can mix things up, but it’s a little difficult to try something new when you have no idea what it is. Even if all of these have been around for ages, trends fade and reappear, especially in the fitness industry. Here’s a rundown of some of the latest fitness trends so that you’re up

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