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How Our Mobile APP Generates Club Revenue

When it comes to fitness, your members need intuitive software that takes care of them at the same time as it boosts your gym’s retention and increases your revenue. Our latest software release, My Member Account Mobile App is a tool designed for all members to streamline scheduling, keep members informed and enhance their fitness experiences. Here’s how it generates revenue for your business.


My Member Account Mobile App allows you to customize the interface with your club’s personal logo and color scheme, it greets your members by name and they can also snap a selfie for their profile image. Personalization is crucial to making your members feel valued and gives them a sense of belonging. A simple greeting and custom picture help validate their decision of choosing your club in the first place and it gives you a higher chance of keeping them on board long-term.


Simplicity and convenience are key components to running your business, especially in this day and age when we are glued to our phones. My Member Account Mobile App is made for all members to simplify their fitness experiences. They can check in right from their phones using their membership barcodes and they can easily purchase additional workout sessions whether it’s personal or team training, a spin class, Zumba or body pump class. The convenience of being able to purchase workout sessions directly on their phones leads to less screen time and more time for them to focus on their fitness goals. This ultimately gives you higher numbers and overall business growth.

Members can also view their own personal schedules including both past and future events, and the interface conveniently displays your club’s featured events, schedules from multiple locations and important club messages, so members are always informed and engaged.


My Member Account Mobile App will generate even more club revenue by allowing prospects to download additional workout sessions, enroll in memberships directly through the app, give members access to their billing information and allow them to update their account preferences.


My Member Account Mobile App is now available to download on iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Androids and tablets. It requires iOS 8.0 or later. For more information, contact our Sales Department at 800-227-3859, [email protected] or get in touch with Client Support at 800-527-6898, [email protected].



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