How social media can help your gym

It’s no surprise that social media has completely dictated how we interact with each other and how we operate on a daily basis, so much so that if you aren’t on Facebook, then you must live under a rock in an isolated forest with absolutely no cellphone reception. Whether you’re an active user who Instagram’s your breakfast every morning or you’re that person who posts an occasional blurry photo on Facebook after a fun night out, there are mixed opinions about its benefits and setbacks. On the downside, many would argue that it takes us away from the authentic human element of face-to-face interaction, therefore it’s detrimental to society.

16 May

The truth about eating breakfast

Whether you’re scrambling your eggs or scrambling to get out the door in the morning, at some point in your life, you’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The truth is that your mother didn’t lie to you all of those years, but have you ever wondered why it’s the most important meal of the day? Most Americans skip breakfast and many breakfast places don’t serve the healthiest or “ideal” options that give you all the benefits. According to Livestrong, there is an average eight to 12-hour time block between dinner the night before and breakfast the next day, which is why the word itself means that it’s the meal that’s supposed to break your fast. Here are some ways how breakfast can literally make your day sunny-side up and how even the busiest people can add it to their plate.

07 May

KidCheck gives gym owners and parents peace of mind

Getting to know your members and tending to their needs is important. Do you know which of your members are parents? Chances are, you have quite a few walking into your facility every day. Or you have prospects lined up who are looking for a gym or fitness club that has a kids’ area and a way to safely and quickly check them in, so parents can go about their workouts stress-free.

26 Apr

The best time of day to work out

Whether you’re a major athlete or you’re just starting to adjust to a new fitness routine, we’ve all wondered this at some point. You’re probably asking if a morning workout is better for your health than exercising at night.

19 Apr

How to maintain a clean facility

This seems like a no brainer and you’re probably thinking that the answer is you simply clean your facility to maintain it. However, the cleanliness of your gym or fitness club goes a little deeper than that–a deep clean if you will. Not only does it affect the overall look, feel and brand of your gym, but according to Fitness Magazine, research says that members could be getting much more than flat abs at the gym, like fungi and Staph infections, the flu and even Hepatitis A and MRSA.

12 Apr

Calorie counting: Should you do it?

It’s been a common question for ages, and for a lot of people practicing a healthier diet, counting calories leads to yo-yo dieting. On one hand, it’s helpful because it can provide structure with real numbers, whereas on the other hand, it can cause people to obsess about what they’re eating, negatively impacting their long-term health and fitness goals.

04 Apr

6 reports to help your gym's marketing efforts

Whether your fitness club is always busy, or you think you’re falling short in some ways, every business can improve. Just because you have members locked into contracts and using your facility on a daily basis doesn’t mean your job is done. In order to retain your members for life, it’s not only imperative to stay on top of your marketing strategies, but your gym needs real data to recognize patterns, understand your members, along with ensuring that your overall marketing efforts are working. Here are six of our reports that can help you achieve that.

27 Mar

What a sweaty workout actually means

You’re at the gym running on a treadmill and can’t help but notice that you’re dripping in sweat, constantly wiping your face off, but the person next to you isn’t even glistening a drop of moisture. Because you’ve probably been in a scenario like this more than once, you might beg the questions: Does sweating more mean a better workout? If I sweat a lot when I work out, does that mean I’m out of shape? If I don’t sweat enough, does that mean I’m not trying hard enough? What does this all mean?

21 Mar

How to motivate unmotivated members

All types of people walk into your club every day with different moods, goals, body types and lifestyles, and although you’re not a mind reader and can’t always tell whether or not people are motivated, it’s important that you’re constantly attentive to each member.

07 Mar

How to fight workout laziness

We’ve all been there and done that. Right around this time, new year’s resolutions start to die out, and laziness is typically the culprit. Whether you have a goal in mind and you’re trying to adapt to a new routine or you hit the gym regularly, everyone experiences workout laziness. For some it’s more challenging to fight off than others, and it’s not something that truly ever goes away. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fight it off every time. Here's how. 

05 Mar