How to motivate unmotivated members

All types of people walk into your club every day with different moods, goals, body types and lifestyles, and although you’re not a mind reader and can’t always tell whether or not people are motivated, it’s important that you’re constantly attentive to each member.

07 Mar

How to fight workout laziness

We’ve all been there and done that. Right around this time, new year’s resolutions start to die out, and laziness is typically the culprit. Whether you have a goal in mind and you’re trying to adapt to a new routine or you hit the gym regularly, everyone experiences workout laziness. For some it’s more challenging to fight off than others, and it’s not something that truly ever goes away. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fight it off every time. Here's how. 

05 Mar

Helping your members overcome gym fright

It’s easy to get comfortable and send a new member on their way once a contract is signed and you have finalized their membership through My Enrollment, but don’t just take their money and let them figure out the rest because chances are, they still have a lot of questions and feel very insecure.

27 Feb

5 ways to overcome gym fright

Whether you’ve just joined a gym or you’re a major athlete, at some point, it is very daunting. Most of the equipment looks completely foreign, you don’t know how to use it, and when you decide to give it a try, you’re afraid of being judged by everyone else who seems to know what they’re doing. Or maybe you’re running on a treadmill next to that super muscular person when all of a sudden, you become self-conscious about how much you’re sweating, panting and how your body is bouncing around. Sometimes this fear even prevents you from stepping foot in your gym. If this sounds familiar to you, then here are some ways to help you conquer your gym fright.

26 Feb

How to Survive Overindulgence and Weight Gain During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is no time to go on a diet. In fact, if you ask most nutrition experts, you should never go on a crash diet or any diets that encourage depravation. Many of us including many of your club's gym members will do just that over the holiday season. Often times, throwing in the towel and not returning to a healthy lifestyle.

13 Nov

Veterans Day: ASF Honors our Employees and All that Have Served Our Country

Veterans Day is November 11, and as a nation we honor those that have served our country in all branches in the United States Armed Forces.

08 Nov

12 Fun and competitive Turkey Trots to Run this Thanksgiving

There is not better reason to hit the gym than training for an upcoming race. Whether your gym members are new to running, in amazing shape, or just want to work off those sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, these fun road races will keep them running back to your facility. There are several ways to increase gym member retention outside of using gym management softwareAssemble a team of club members, print up some t-shirts and run these fun 12 turkey trots. 

31 Oct

ASF's New Health Club Software Answers Technology Call for Gym Owners

ASF’s approach to new health club software and upgrades is not unlike a good personal trainer; we respond to the needs of our clients and tailor those solutions around their goals and success.

23 Oct

The Healthiest and Heartiest Fall Recipes to Keep your Fitness Goals

October can be a tough month for gym members to stay on track with diet and exercise. With the temptation of Halloween candy and heartier meals, it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. We’ve compiled a list of the healthiest Fall recipes to help gym members reach their fitness goals.

16 Oct

Tips on Hiring and Training the Best Gym Staff

The Fall season kicks-off the start of football, crisp temperatures and changing foliage. For gym owners, fall is the season of hiring enough staff to handle the busiest time of year for gym memberships—January.

06 Oct