The Healthiest and Heartiest Fall Recipes to Keep your Fitness Goals

October can be a tough month for gym members to stay on track with diet and exercise. With the temptation of Halloween candy and heartier meals, it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. We’ve compiled a list of the healthiest Fall recipes to help gym members reach their fitness goals.

16 Oct

Tips on Hiring and Training the Best Gym Staff

The Fall season kicks-off the start of football, crisp temperatures and changing foliage. For gym owners, fall is the season of hiring enough staff to handle the busiest time of year for gym memberships—January.

06 Oct

4 Creative Fall Promotion Ideas to Sell More Gym Memberships

Tis’ the season for calorie-packed pumpkin lattes’, sugary libations and carb-laden foods. Don’t let those passive gym members dip in attendance due to cooler temps, daylight savings time AND past bikini bod goals set in the summer season. 

02 Oct

The Top Advantages of Using Gym Management Software

Each year, 22 million women and 23 million men belong to at least one gym with the average age hovering around 40-years-old, according to These staggering numbers are a far cry from the days when Jane Fonda had to break the glass ceiling of gyms—so to speak. The landscape of clientele continues to change even today and presents many challenges for gym management and staff seeking ways to improve their facility’s programs, equipment and classes.

26 Sep

3 Reasons to Encourage the Use of Gym Check-in Software

Owning or managing a gym or facility can be more competitive than a HIIT class. Staying abreast of the latest cutting-edge workouts, techniques or gym management software that put your club at the front of the pack is the key to success. While there are many ways to give your gym an edge, some may be simpler than you think.

19 Sep

How Gym Management Software Protects Your Members' Credit Card Data

An estimated 143 million people had critical pieces of their identity and credit card data compromised due to a security hack at the credit reporting agency, Equifax. Basically, that means that most Americans will be impacted to some extent.

13 Sep

How Health Clubs and Gym Owners Can Weather Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has its sights set on Florida after pummelling Puerto Rico and is expected to make landfall by tomorrow morning. The sheer size of this storm means that an estimated 16 million people will be in its path.

08 Sep

ASF Joins Metro Denver Partners for Annual Event: Party for a Purpose

You know what’s better than a party? A party that benefits an organization supporting one of the most vulnerable members of society—troubled youth.

05 Sep

How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage Texas and has its sights set on Louisiana and states along The Gulf Coast--leaving behind a wake of flooding and long-term damage to homes, businesses and lives.

30 Aug

Top 25 Fittest and Fattest Cities in the US

Want to live in the fittest city in the United States? Well, you’d better pack a parka and don’t forget the gloves. Turns out, Minneapolis, Minnesota snagged the top spot for the fittest city in America, according to a report released by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation.

24 Aug