How to get the most out of your gym membership

How To Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

A gym membership is one of the best purchases you can make because investing in your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but you also might not always be aware of everything your club offers. Here’s how you can get the most out of your gym membership.


Different memberships
offer different things. That’s why it’s important to understand what your
membership entails. Basic packages typically offer access to general gym
equipment but exclude perks like free group classes. It’s important to keep in
mind that you may not be one for group classes and a basic workout might all
you need to reach your fitness goals.

This same concept
applies to clubs with multiple locations for example. Even though gyms will
charge more for access to multiple locations, you might need access to all
locations. Matching your needs with the type of membership you’re paying for
will help you get the most out of it, whether that means more perks or not.


Let’s face it, most
gym equipment looks strange and difficult to use, and since you’re paying for
it, you better get your money’s worth and know how to use the machines. If you
don’t know, ask a staff member or a trainer. They are there to be your guide.


For one, it’s
important to mix up your workout regimen with various exercises, and for two,
this applies especially when your club is packed with other members and you have
to take turns using equipment. You aren’t getting the most out of your
membership if you just stand around while you wait. If your favorite machine is
taken, grab a mat, some free weights and sneak in some space to do something
else until the machine is free. You already made it to the gym, so there’s no
excuse to not fulfill a workout, even if it’s a quick one.


This might not seem like it applies to your gym membership, but actually the two go hand and hand. Majority of the time a poor diet is exactly why members aren’t seeing the results they want. The bottom line with this is that you can’t out train a bad diet. Many members exercise constantly and don’t eat right, then don’t see results, which often leads to discouragement and membership cancellations. Do yourself and your membership justice by eating right and letting all of those sweat sessions pay off.


Some memberships include
group classes as part of the package, and if this is the case for you, take
advantage of as many classes as you can because sometimes nothing is more
motivating than surrounding yourself in a room full of people breaking a sweat
and if you’re paying extra, then it would be silly not to.


Depending on your fitness needs and goals, personal training might be beneficial to you and some premium memberships include it. Even if it’s not included in your membership, personal training is still an add on that can be purchased directly in My Member Account Mobile App. By doing this, you’re getting more out of your club.


This includes staying
connected on both your club’s social media platforms as well as My Member
Account Mobile App. Follow your gym’s social media pages for inspiration, to
stay updated about what’s happening in your gym and most importantly, to
include yourself in the community.

By downloading My Member Account Mobile App, you will find featured classes and club promotions along with being able to view your own class and session schedules. The more you know and the more efficient you are, the more you’ll get of your membership because you’ll have more time to focus on your fitness goals.



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  1. I have a goal to get fit this summer and I just got a gym membership! It makes sense that I should participate in group classes and understand all of the services offered so that I can get the most out of my membership. Also, doing group classes could help me make friends and we can help each other stay motivated and go to the gym often.

  2. Very helpful opinion about why we need to invest in a gym membership. It is very evident that we are too busy these days and are forgetting the health for the cause of earning. Hence by joining the gym is like we are not too late to take care of the health. Thank you for the helpful post.

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