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Customer Spotlight: Saving Time & Reducing Workload at Urge Fitness

When you run a fitness club, every moment of your time is precious. Between operational responsibilities, marketing efforts, and focusing on creating the ultimate member experience, most club owners and operators could use an extra 10 or so hours in their day. 

Although we don’t have the power to make your day any longer than 24 hours, ASF and Club OS can give you some of your hours back by making it easier and faster to do your job. That’s just what we did for Urge Fitness—one of our biggest customers using our software to make things simple across club locations. 

Getting to Know Urge Fitness 

If you’re looking for an upscale fitness experience for an affordable price, Urge Fitness is the place to go. A full-service gym with locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they market themselves as a destination for individuals and families alike.  

Urge is known for its cutting-edge group classes, like aerial yoga, and extensive children’s fitness programs. Here are a few of the other programs and amenities they offer

  • Personal & group training 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Smoothie bar 
  • Saunas 
  • Weight loss programs 

Reflecting their commitment to their members’ health and wellness, Urge Fitness is open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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Introducing Mya Domencio 

To gain more insight into Urge Fitness and how they’re using ASF and Club OS to run their clubs more efficiently, our marketing manager, Mark Fletcher, sat down with Mya Domencio, the Director of Marketing for Urge Fitness. Mya is also their Regional Fitness Director, so she has many responsibilities when it comes to keeping all their locations growing and running smoothly. 

We’ve pulled out some of the most enlightening parts of our interview with Mya to take a deeper dive into how she uses her club management software to help manage her heavy workload. 

Could you tell us a little more about your responsibilities as the Marketing Director at Urge Fitness and how Club OS and ASF help you tackle those? 

Yeah, I have a lot of roles actually. I do marketing, which I do a lot with Club OS for, and then I’m also the Regional Fitness Director of all the gyms. I plug in all the classes, hire the trainers, tell them where they’re going, and direct all that too. Then I market those classes. So I sort of wear two hats and get split up all the time. 

Club OS really plays into both the marketing side of my job and the scheduling side, so I’m very familiar with it. It’s been the biggest help to do blasts, automatic campaigns, and text messages. We find it really simple to use.  

ASF I really like because it’s easy to move over classes, open up windows, and get a good view into the class schedule across clubs. It’s simple to follow, crisp and clear, and the reports are amazing. To be honest, if I didn’t work here and was to open up my own gym somewhere else, I would probably use the same products. 

Have you noticed an increase in [lead-to-member] conversion rates as a result of using some of these tools? 

Yeah, so with our pre-sale [Club OS] is nice in terms of conversion because we have an urgency in our marketing—like “stores opening soon,” “must sign up to get this offer,” or “prices are going to increase.” So we get a lot of conversions through our pre-sale and a lot of online signups in general. You can get a lot from Club OS when used correctly. 

What was the lead process like before using Club OS? 

A different gym I used to work for used to do excel sheets of leads and I think a lot of gyms did that way back in the day. It was the biggest nightmare. So I think in general [Club OS] was like the greatest thing ever to everyone because it was like, “Oh my God, a system we can put our leads into and we can just type things up.” 

In the fitness industry, there’s not a lot of this stuff created if you think about it, like not a lot of organizational tactics in terms of big box gyms right now. There’s not a lot out there. So, to have this and have it all in one easy access space, even for our trainers…we can see everything that’s going on across the board at all times.  

And I work at all four gyms, so I don’t physically have to be at a gym to know what’s going on, which is nice. 

Do you have an idea of how much time these automations have saved you? 

I would say probably hours. 

Is there one particular tool from ASF and Club OS that you use every day for your role? 

The multi-event editor. I use that so you don’t have to individually move everything over. It’s way quicker. We’re huge clubs and we have turnaround left and right like everyone else in the business, so if a trainer leaves, to be able to switch everything fast and easily…I use that all the time. 

We [also] use reports every single day to be able to see all the accounts we entered, cancellations, and add-ons. We fill out a report of what came through in revenue and it’s quick and easy. It takes us about five minutes to type it up. 

[Another feature] I use every single day is blast campaigns. Let’s say an instructor [for a class] changes, which happens a lot, and we have a sub tonight. I go right in and have templates made to say, “so and so is teaching this class today at 5pm,” and it’s nice because it will blast out to everyone. It takes probably 5-10 minutes and then the link to sign up is right there. 

Key Takeaways: Easy-To-Use Club Management Software Saves You Time & Drives Success 

With processes simplified by user-friendly club management features, Urge Fitness has been able to ensure leads and members don’t fall through the cracks when it comes to communication—and save their team hours of work at the same time.  

Automated marketing tools and easy class schedule management have made it easy for Mya and her team to keep members informed about what they need to know. And with digital lead tracking, they can grow their membership base even more. 

Simplify Success at Your Club with ASF & Club OS 

Your club’s strategies for success can be just as effective and easy to implement as the ones they use at Urge Fitness. All you need is the right set of tools to get them in place. 

Club OS and ASF work together to make running your gym simple. From payment processing and group fitness scheduling to automated email campaigns and quick reporting, you’ll have everything you need to succeed at your disposal. 

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