Episode 1: The Truth About KPI's

Episode 1 Real vs Feel
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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are an essential element to running a successful business. Business owners have many choices for how to measure performance, which can be overwhelming. In this episode learn what KPIs are and why they are important. Discover from other fitness business operators’ examples of what works and what doesn’t when using KPIs.

Guest – Kate Golden from Newtown Athletic Club, Carolyn Grasse from QNTM Fit Life

Episode 2 - March 24th: Survey Says

Episode 2 Real vs Feel
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Why guess what members want when you can ask? Seeking feedback is a great way to make better decisions. Many business owners make decisions based on what they think customers want but knowing what they want is what matters. In this episode, learn various ways to gather the feedback that is critical for success.

Guest – Meredith Rosson from Cooper Fitness Center, Micah Logan from MELD Fitness +Wellness

Episode 3: Are Your Employees Engaged and Enthusiastic?

Episode 3 Real vs Feel
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A happy team equates to happy members. Is your team happy and engaged? Often leaders assume they are doing a good job without ever finding out if they truly are. In this episode, learn different ways to gather information and data from team members to find out the truth. Join panelists Karen Raisch-Siegel, Executive Director of LifeWorks of Southwest General, and David (DC) Connell, Director of Sport at the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village for this inspiring webinar!

Guests – Karen Raisch-Siegel Executive Director at LifeWorks of Southwest General and David Connell (DC) Director of Sport at University of Hertfordshire Sports Village.

Episode 4: Using “Real” to
Take Action

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KPIs, survey results, and data are useless. That’s right. Data is useless unless you take advantage of it to improve operations and make better, more accurate decisions. In the last few episodes, we reviewed KPIs, member feedback, and how to gather team member data. In the final episode of the series, we discuss execution, the most important element to “Feel vs. Real”.

Guest – Adrian Antigua GM & Sales Manager for Gainesville Health & Fitness and Luke Carlson CEO of Discover Strength