ASF Payment Solutions Onboarding Roadmap

Welcome to the ASF Community!

We are so excited to welcome you to the ASF Payment Solutions family. Your onboarding specialist will be working with you to ensure your account is created in a way that is customized to your business. We will be using TaskRay to manage this project which will allow you to see tasks, notifications, and follow along with the project progress. You can see the overview of the onboarding steps below.


Before we dive into your implementation, our team will work with you to complete underwriting and get your club set up in the ASF system. We are setting the foundation for successful onboarding!

Client Introduction & Discovery

It’s time to schedule your first kick off call! During this milestone, you will be planning your implementation timeline, completing intake forms, and completing your tech support hardware discovery call. This is where we learn more about the details of your business operations! .

Data Migration (If Applicable)

If you will be coming from another software, this is when we will be tackling your data migration. Our team will work together with you to get all your data in the right place. If you are not coming from another software, this milestone will not be necessary.

ASF Systems Settings and Framework Setup

Let’s get into the good stuff. We will be setting up your account details including point of sale, inventory management, employee settings, tax settings, preferences, add-on's, membership offers, and more. In this stage you will be ordering hardware and our team will be testing that hardware to ensure everything is in working order.

Software Training

It’s getting real! Now that your account is set up, it’s time to train you and your team on all the functions of ASF so that you can move forward confidently. Everything from reporting, point of sale, employee check-in, member check-in, membership enrollment and more. We leave no feature un-trained!

Go Live 🎉

We’ve completed your set up and training, now you are ready to go live! We will be reviewing your first day billing and financial reports with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We will also conduct any refresher training that your team may need.

Transition to Dedicated Account Support Team

Now that you have gone live, it is time for graduation! You will schedule time with your implementation specialist and your account support team for a seamless transition. It is time to thank your implementation specialist for all the work you both put in and say hello to your new point of contact. 👋  

Thank you!

Once you are successfully onboarded, we ask you take time to review your experience. It helps our team understand where we can be better and what we can celebrate! It’s our goal to provide a seamless transition for you and your team. You will be sent the survey via email at the end of your implementation. We want to thank you again for your partnership and look forward to working together!