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Reopening: How the Fitness Industry is Moving Forward

As we’re all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced fitness clubs in the U.S. to limit or change operations. With the reopening of some cities and states, we wanted to check in with the fitness industry to see how they have been handling these changes. We surveyed our customers and prospects to gain a better understanding of the range of struggles clubs have faced these past 6 months.  

Who Did We Hear From?

First, thank you to all who participated in The State of the Fitness Industry survey sent between June 21 – August 17. We received almost 500 responses, with the majority from owners and managers of fitness clubs or studios that have between 1 and 5 locations. The majority of these locations are either still closed or open at 50% capacity, and 10% are fully operating. 

Major Findings 

26% of respondents are not currently offering online workouts or digital resources. As this was the way to keep businesses afloat, it was surprising to see this number as high as it is. What’s even more interesting is 20% said they will not offer virtual workouts, digital resources or streaming in the future. It’s clear to us that members will want this option moving forward. We see it as an easy add-on for a monthly membership. If not having the resources or a club management system is stopping you from making this happen, we’re here to help. 

We believe because of the shift to online workouts, those who took advantage saw an uptick in membership sales — 13% of respondents sold more than usual! Virtual training is a cost effective way to keep members engaged with your club. Air high fives to those who were able to get creative during this time. 

Do you know how your members want to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your club? Most keep members informed via social media. Since most people spend their time scrolling, this is an easy way to hit your target. Email marketing and phone calls were the runner-ups. We suggest keeping multiple lines of communication open until you get the best sense of how your members like to communicate.

What’s Next?

There’s still some uncertainty and hesitation about reopening. We foresee fitness clubs and studios needing to change their business model and remain flexible. Keep an open dialogue with your members. Ask them what they want, and see how you can add new services into the mix. We’re rooting for you!

We’d love to hear how you’re currently fairing. Take the survey and we’ll send you an overview of The State of the Fitness Industry report.



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