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How Forward-Thinking Club Owners Leverage Technology

In the past, the health club industry’s reliance on technology was almost solely in the area of transactions. In this day and age, however, there are so many options for using technology to enhance the member experience and stand out as a fitness brand. 

Club owners can also leverage technology to understand members’ needs and find new ways of meeting them. As consumers become more and more tech savvy, it’s important for club owners to follow suit or risk falling behind.

How can your fitness center take advantage of some of the latest digital trends and stay competitive? Below are some of the best ways to make your technological investments count.

Seamlessly Connecting with Members

The idea of fitness itself has changed dramatically over the past several years. Rather than thinking of fitness activities as a product to purchase or fitness centers as a destination to visit, consumers view fitness as a part of their lifestyle. 

With so many fitness possibilities available, consumers can now compare options and find what fits into the fabric of their daily lives. In order to be the solution members are looking for, gyms must adapt their member management styles and connect with members in new ways.

For most clubs, the best way to do this will be through the use of advanced gym membership software and member-facing technologies that provide frictionless experiences. Members should be able to quickly and easily sign up for and check into events, enabling them to focus on the value they’re getting out of their membership rather than the hoops they must jump through to actually use it.

Connecting with members also means providing the types of fitness experiences they need in the moment. These days, that may mean access to valuable digital content or use of digital wearables during an in-club activity. 

Going the extra mile to integrate all these channels of the membership experience will not only increase member satisfaction, but also unlock new opportunities for crucial data collection.

Optimizing Data & Providing Personalized Experiences

Gone are the days of tedious membership tracking on spreadsheets or hard to use software programs. Advanced software solutions exist that enable club operators to accurately and automatically track data while also providing plenty of opportunities to put that data to use. This saves time and energy that could be better spent cultivating relationships with members. It also allows for the collection and optimization of valuable information.

Data can be utilized to offer personalized support for your members at every stage of their purchase journey. Nowadays, forward-thinking fitness clubs take advantage of the power of algorithms to gain a 360-degree view of member behavior patterns and preferences. Club OS has an advanced CRM and automated marketing system offering a clear and comprehensive synopsis of each member’s needs, so you can exceed their expectations and increase retention rates.

Tracking technologies are also essential for upholding the strengths of your club and assessing its weaknesses. Using the wealth of data provided by advanced software systems, you can take a proactive approach to increasing future stability by laying a solid foundation for a stronger, healthier business.  

Increasing Revenue Opportunities

Digital innovations offer opportunities to capitalize on the data they provide. From personalized outbound marketing to individually tailored recommendations, new technologies and software solutions can employ data to target products and services to those who are most likely to make a purchase. With the right member-facing technologies in place, members can easily make in-app purchases that help them reach their goals and find greater value in their membership.

These solutions don’t only increase efficiency for clubs and their members. They also increase revenue. As long as technologies are implemented purposefully and with authenticity, they can be used to eliminate the pain points of members and offer an individualized purchase journey. With a fitness experience that is synced across platforms and aligned with their unique goals, members are more likely to integrate your brand into their digital lifestyle.As our world becomes increasingly driven by technology, digital transformation is a must for fitness clubs. From personalizing the member experience to utilizing data to gain valuable business insights, applying data-led strategies to nearly every facet of club operations will be essential to success in the new era. Schedule a demo to learn what ASF can do for you.



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