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The Power of Mobile: 4 Ways a Gym Mobile App Will Benefit Your Staff 

When you run a gym, there are a lot of products on the market you’ll have to look at and decide whether they’re worth it for your business to invest in. Mobile fitness applications are one of those products that are climbing in popularity. But will a mobile app really make that much of a difference for you and your team? 

The answer is a resounding yes. 

In offering our new mobile app, ASF Mobile, we’ve learned a lot about and seen firsthand how a gym mobile app can benefit clubs, their members, and their employees. In the second article of our blog series, The Power of Mobile, we’re going to go over why a mobile app will be an advantageous tool for your team that boosts productivity and your bottom line.  

1. Save Time 

It’s no secret that a gym mobile app can streamline your members’ club experience. But something else to consider is how it can streamline your staff’s job duties too. Members can use your mobile app to check in for club visits, book classes, reserve equipment for classes, schedule training sessions, and buy session packs. Essentially, they can now take on many of the tasks that eat up your team members’ time.  

A mobile app with these features will leave members feeling like they have more control over their fitness experience and have your staff spending less time behind a computer dealing with administration. This leaves them more opportunities to do the fun (and most important) part of their job — building lasting relationships with club members

2. Personalize Member Interactions 

Personalized conversations, communications, and club experiences make all the difference when it comes to member engagement and retention. After gyms shut their doors because of COVID, 36% of members reported that they were looking forward to returning because they missed their gym’s sense of community. The more your team can do to make members feel like a valuable part of the club community, the longer they’ll stay. 

But how does a mobile gym app help your staff interact with members on a more personal level? By giving them access to member data from integrations with fitness apps and wearables. When members connect their devices to your app to track their progress, trainers and other staff members can get a better idea of where they are on their fitness journey and where they want to go.  

If a team member sees that a club member has been logging five runs on the treadmill per week, for example, they can recommend your gym’s upcoming running challenge or ask about their mile PR next time they visit. Insight from fitness data will also help employees customize things like workout suggestions, upsells, and more to deliver a better member experience. 

3. Help Trainers Work More Efficiently 

The best gym mobile apps are equipped with features that take your personal trainers’ success to a whole new level. ASF Mobile, for example, has pre-made workout templates and an extensive exercise library with over 1600 HD videos that can be used to quickly create customized workouts, which can then be sent to clients through the app. Trainers can also create personalized nutrition plans, chat with clients directly in-app, access client health data, and schedule training sessions.  

All of these mobile app features help your trainers work faster, get their clients to their goals, and bring in more revenue. Considering that 42% of revenue for varied gyms came from personal training in 2020, it’s safe to say that personal trainers are worth the investment. 

4. Increase Sales 

When it comes to sales, a mobile app is another asset that helps increase your bottom line. Having another selling point will make it easier for your staff members to close the deal on new memberships and bring in new leads. Perks from the app they can highlight include easy check-ins and bookings, workout resources, and efficient data tracking to help them hit their fitness goals. Some of these member perks even make it easier for customers to spend money, such as the ability to buy training sessions and packages right in the app. 

With an extra tool to help boost sales, it might be a good idea to implement some sales-based incentives for employees to help with staff retention and increase revenue even more. You could offer commission for employees, for example, or run a sales competition each month with a prize or bonus for the highest seller. Your staff will stay motivated, and your bottom line will thank you. 

Give Your Staff the Gift of ASF Mobile 

The more tools you can offer your employees to make their job easier, the more successful your fitness business will be. The features you get with ASF Mobile will make your team feel like they have an extra employee on shift — a team member who tackles many of the time-consuming administrative tasks nobody wants to deal with. 

ASF Mobile offers self-service check-in, class booking, session pack purchase, and other convenient tools that elevate members’ experience and save your team time and stress. Trainers can also use ASF Mobile to create and send clients personalized workout and nutrition plans, message clients, and track their progress. 

See firsthand how ASF Mobile can benefit your club and book a demo today!  



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