We’ve already covered five other mistakes in part 1 of common mistakes gym owners make, so here are four more mistakes made by owners and how to avoid them.


Yes, memberships are the lifeline of your club, however, if you remain completely focused on bringing prospects in, you will eventually lose connection with current members and you won’t give any attention to other opportunities that generate income, like your point of sale items.

Retention is just as important as signing new members, so keep current members satisfied by running special promotions and discounts on club merchandise, personal training and fitness class packages. This will help you maintain strong retention and generate more revenue at the same time. Above all, remember to find a healthy balance between prospects and current members.


The fitness industry changes all the time and if you aren’t open to change, then your club will stagger, and you’ll eventually be unable to keep up with member standards. To avoid making this mistake, keep up with fitness trends, ensure your club is active on social media, both organically and through paid advertising and above all, be open to member feedback and actually listen to what they need and want. Make sure your club is active in the community by being a part of organizations like IHRSA or Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) to gain more business insight and stay current with industry trends. 


On a positive note, your fitness club is so popular that it’s overflowing with members. The harsh reality is that not only is this a common gym owner mistake, but it’s also a huge culprit for gym membership cancellations. Why would this be your fault though? Your club and business structure lack balance, with equipment, physical space and too many members to accommodate for.

For one, you know the square footage of your gym from the get-go, so unless you’re planning on expanding it, you know how much equipment can fit in it. With more members coming through your doors, more equipment seems like the best solution, but realistically, members need space to breathe and move, so as an owner, it’s your job to find the right balance between these. Keep tabs on the less popular equipment and areas of your club, so you can decide what should be subtracted to create more space.

The same thing goes for group classes and training sessions. If you’re noticing a higher count of members attending a specific class, offer that class more frequently to avoid overflow, increase traffic and up member satisfaction. The best way to gather these numbers is to pull attendance and hourly traffic reports through gym management software. Be sure to talk with your equipment vendor supplier about equipment layouts and mapping out better use of your space.


Upkeep applies to the quality of your equipment and the cleanliness of your club. If you’re not mindful about these things, your retention will suffer. Machines like treadmills and ellipticals break down all the time. Although the wear and tear are not your fault, a common mistake among owners is allowing these issues to linger.

Not only does this prevent members from using your machines, but the lack of proactivity devalues your memberships and gym. This applies to the cleanliness of your club as well, and dirty facilities are a huge culprit to membership cancellations.

You care about your club, so constantly taking care of it is vital to reducing attrition. To make yourself more aware of possible upkeep issues, refer to our Daily Service Notes–a report that allows ASF to transfer member feedback to owners and learn more about how to maintain a clean facility here.


Running a gym or fitness club is just as challenging as it is rewarding, since there are so many factors that play into the success of one. Here are common mistakes to be aware of so that you can keep yourself and your business in check.


Technology and gym management software exist for this exact reason. If you’re spending your time updating spreadsheets and have no way to accurately track the data of your club, you’re not only wasting time that could be spent elsewhere, but you’re most likely collecting inaccurate numbers.

Health club management software is meant to do these jobs for you, so you have more time to not only engage with your members, but you know your gym’s strengths and weaknesses from a calculated standpoint, resulting in a stronger business structure. Learn more about gym management software here.


Every gym or fitness club has one, and if you don’t understand the people using your facility, then you don’t understand your business to its full potential. This mistake falls closely with the lack of gym management software. The best way to understand your demographic is through accurate reporting. It’s important to know if your club attracts more females or males and what age range you’re dealing with.


A common mistake many businesses make is marketing to the wrong crowds. This goes for genders and age ranges you’re choosing to target on platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as the content you’re sharing. Effective marketing affects all angles of your club, and understanding your demographic starts with accurately targeting those prospects in the first place.

For example, if your fitness club is a small boutique or a specialty club like a barre studio, it’s important to recognize that you’ll probably attract more females, so your marketing budget will be better invested if your social media platforms target primarily women within a certain age range. Whatever your content may be, whether you’re posting funny memes, inspirational quotes or nutrition tips, make sure it aligns with your specific audience, both organically and through paid advertising. 


This might seem contradictory to the above points but remember that just because your club might have a specific demographic doesn’t mean to exclude the outliers. Although you might cater more to a specific gender or age group, consider how other types of members can benefit from your club. This will add more value to them and expand your money-making opportunities.


Different types of members have different needs, which is why it’s important to have a variety of personal trainers­. Whether that’s a mix of males and females, older and younger or everything in between, always think about your members and how you can best help them achieve their fitness goals.

Remember that just like how member goals vary, personal trainers specialize in different areas of fitness as well. While many members might like to lose weight and tone their muscles, you also want to open your personal training up to individuals who want to focus on less intense exercises or specific workouts like functional training. 

It’s also a possibility that both males and females feel better with their same gender in a personal trainer, so have both men and women staffed to ensure comfortability. The more you cater to different individuals, the stronger your retention will be.


Reasons to join a gym

With the new year in full swing, now is the prime time to get a gym membership. Whether your goal is to lose weight and gain muscle or improve your endurance, there are plenty of reasons to give in. Here are some reasons to join a gym.

4 Reasons to Join a Gym Today


No matter what your fitness goals entail, consistency is key to reaching them and in order to maintain consistency, we need structure, which is exactly what a gym provides. When all of the equipment you could ever need is conveniently in one place, you’re more likely to stick with your goals, and more importantly, reach them. 


The beauty of a fitness club is that there is a little something for everyone and a variety of ways to use equipment. From free weights to cardio machines to swimming and Zumba classes, gyms offer members variety, which is crucial for maintaining motivation and preventing stale workouts. With an abundance of equipment, you’re always able to mix up your routine so you’re never bored, and you actually enjoy working out.


Personal trainers and class instructors are there to help you reach your fitness goals by offering expert advice and hands-on guidance to ensure proper form and a healthy diet. It’s especially important for those who feel intimidated by the gym and are insecure about what they’re doing. 

Group classes and training are also effective for reaching your goals and receiving extra help. A group setting might seem intimidating initially, but rather than focusing on how you look to other people, confide in other attendees as well as your instructors to learn new exercises and expand your fitness knowledge.


The beginning of a new year is a peak time for receiving special discounts on memberships along with various fitness items like water bottles, protein powder, workout gear and even deals on personal training, so take advantage of any and all deals your gym might be offering. These offers will be kind to your wallet and your health.


How to prep your gym for the new year

It’s a no-brainer that January is the hottest time for fitness clubs. Gym memberships will be on the rise, and even though right now prospects may be postponing their motivation to join a gym, it’s still the prime time to get ready for all of the future chaos. Here are some ways your gym can prep for the new year.

Tips on How to Prep Your Gym for the New Year


It’s common to see a large increase in memberships during this time as it is to also see a large drop once resolutions fade, but you don’t have to let new members slip through the cracks. Battle those common fallouts by tracking your attendance using our 30/60/90 Detail Retention Report and offering special promotions through My Member Account Mobile App  so you’re actively motivating new members and have a higher chance of locking them in long-term.


Although it’s easy to focus solely on bringing new members in, existing members are motivated as well and now is a perfect time to generate more club revenue through them. They can increase their training by purchasing additional training sessions and discounted point of sale items in My Member Account Mobile App. Members who were on board with your club before the new year’s hype guarantee healthy retention above anything else, so it’s important to maintain loyalty with them.


Recognize that high rises also mean busier peak times. While a busier gym is a positive thing for you, it can be frustrating for members due to lack of space or equipment. Although you can’t always control those factors, you can check to ensure your equipment is clean and working properly before the big new year’s rush. Also mention off-peak times to current members so they have options. If need be, use your club’s increased income to invest in new equipment later in the year.


It’s important to keep yourself organized as a business regardless, but it’s especially crucial during popular seasons. Make sure your club operates with gym management software to stay on top of your retention and your revenue. Become familiar with our Attendance Report, our Hourly Attendance Report, our 30/60/90 Retention Detail Report and our Revenue Detail Report.

The retention and attendance reports will help you more effectively track prospect and member behavior and our Revenue Detail Report simplifies cash flow tracking, giving you the ability to look up revenue from an individual day and up to a full month.

Encourage members and prospects to use My Member Account Mobile App, so they can easily purchase and sign up for classes and training events. This way, you’re keeping everyone engaged, simplifying their experiences and generating more revenue all at once.

Make sure you’re up to date with the software by reviewing training videos and clicking on the “what’s new” section in My Club Business. You can also get in touch with ASF Client Support to acclimate to the software.


Pools of prospects also mean an overwhelming increase in cash flow. In the midst of the new year’s chaos, it’s just as important to have another company process your payments–for organization and your own sanity. By handing over financial responsibilities to ASF, member payments are processed safely through our PCI compliant system, which puts everyone at ease and gives you more time to funnel people in and satisfy current members. Learn more here.


Even though fitness and joining a gym might be an afterthought for members and prospects right now, this is a prime time to run holiday discounts and advertise your club online, and lucky for you, there are many different sales and ads you can run to promote your business. Motivate current members with discounts on point of sale items or free personal training sessions by encouraging them to refer their friends.

Run social media ads that offer a month off membership dues if prospects sign up during the holidays. Make sure social media campaigns contain links to My Enrollment so a prospect can sign up right away. Display special discounts on supplements, apparel and personal training in My Member Account Mobile App so current members can purchase directly on their phones.

By actively promoting various areas of your business throughout the holiday season, you’re engaging new and existing people, generating more club revenue, providing value to your gym and your audience and helping your club stand out.


How to get the most out of your gym membership

A gym membership is one of the best purchases you can make because investing in your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but you also might not always be aware of everything your club offers. Here’s how you can get the most out of your gym membership.


Different memberships
offer different things. That’s why it’s important to understand what your
membership entails. Basic packages typically offer access to general gym
equipment but exclude perks like free group classes. It’s important to keep in
mind that you may not be one for group classes and a basic workout might all
you need to reach your fitness goals.

This same concept
applies to clubs with multiple locations for example. Even though gyms will
charge more for access to multiple locations, you might need access to all
locations. Matching your needs with the type of membership you’re paying for
will help you get the most out of it, whether that means more perks or not.


Let’s face it, most
gym equipment looks strange and difficult to use, and since you’re paying for
it, you better get your money’s worth and know how to use the machines. If you
don’t know, ask a staff member or a trainer. They are there to be your guide.


For one, it’s
important to mix up your workout regimen with various exercises, and for two,
this applies especially when your club is packed with other members and you have
to take turns using equipment. You aren’t getting the most out of your
membership if you just stand around while you wait. If your favorite machine is
taken, grab a mat, some free weights and sneak in some space to do something
else until the machine is free. You already made it to the gym, so there’s no
excuse to not fulfill a workout, even if it’s a quick one.


This might not seem like it applies to your gym membership, but actually the two go hand and hand. Majority of the time a poor diet is exactly why members aren’t seeing the results they want. The bottom line with this is that you can’t out train a bad diet. Many members exercise constantly and don’t eat right, then don’t see results, which often leads to discouragement and membership cancellations. Do yourself and your membership justice by eating right and letting all of those sweat sessions pay off.


Some memberships include
group classes as part of the package, and if this is the case for you, take
advantage of as many classes as you can because sometimes nothing is more
motivating than surrounding yourself in a room full of people breaking a sweat
and if you’re paying extra, then it would be silly not to.


Depending on your fitness needs and goals, personal training might be beneficial to you and some premium memberships include it. Even if it’s not included in your membership, personal training is still an add on that can be purchased directly in My Member Account Mobile App. By doing this, you’re getting more out of your club.


This includes staying
connected on both your club’s social media platforms as well as My Member
Account Mobile App. Follow your gym’s social media pages for inspiration, to
stay updated about what’s happening in your gym and most importantly, to
include yourself in the community.

By downloading My Member Account Mobile App, you will find featured classes and club promotions along with being able to view your own class and session schedules. The more you know and the more efficient you are, the more you’ll get of your membership because you’ll have more time to focus on your fitness goals.


How to overcome gym fright 2 copy

Whether you’ve just joined a gym or you’re a major athlete, at some point, it is very daunting. Most of the equipment looks completely foreign, you don’t know how to use it, and when you decide to give it a try, you’re afraid of being judged by everyone else who seems to know what they’re doing. Or maybe you’re running on a treadmill next to that super muscular person when all of a sudden, you become self-conscious about how much you’re sweating, panting and how your body is bouncing around. Sometimes this fear even prevents you from stepping foot in your gym. If this sounds familiar to you, then here are some ways to help you conquer your gym fright.

Here’s How to Overcome Gym Fright


People tour their gyms so they can familiarize themselves with a new environment to prevent being clueless come time for their first workout. During your tour, grab your mental pen and paper and scope out the facility. Study where certain machines are, where the locker rooms are, and any other areas that spark your interest. Ask about classes, personal training, how to use certain equipment, or simply take mental notes of how people are using complex machines. The more informed you are prior to your first workout in the facility, the less intimidating the experience will be.


You are not the only person in the facility who feels self-conscious or has felt this way. No one likes not knowing what to do, but chances are, a lot of other people feel the same way you do. Once you realize that, you’ll be more comfortable, and lifting your 10-pound weights compared to the person lifting 50 pounds won’t be a big deal anymore.


Working out with someone is already motivating, but it’s even more effective for people who have gym fright. If you continuously feel discouraged, exercise with a buddy for a better support system. Not only will you feel more at ease being there with someone you know who has similar fitness goals, but you will be more willing to try new machines that you probably wouldn’t have tried if you went alone. To top it off, having someone by your side at first is excellent leeway into eventually being comfortable going to the gym on your own. This will ultimately lead to more confidence, better workouts and quality usage of your membership. If your workout buddy doesn’t have the same membership as you, ask your club about guest passes.


On top of initial intimidation, there is nothing worse than walking into a gym with no agenda, especially on a busy day when you have to wait for your turn to use a machine and other people have to wait on you. Before stepping foot in your gym, write out a workout plan on your phone so that you have it with you in case you forget. Decide what days of the week you are going to hit the gym and organize your routine based on whatever you want to work on each day. On Monday, you might choose to do a spin class while Tuesday you choose to do arms and core strengthening. Have other machine-less activities in mind like push-ups and planks that you can do in case you have to wait for a machine to open up, that way you don’t feel awkward standing around wasting your time. The more efficient you are, the faster you will acclimate to the gym and the other members in it.


At first this is easier said than done, especially because you feel like everyone is staring at you, but in reality, everyone is so focused on themselves to even care about how much weight you’re lifting or what you look like while doing a squat. It doesn’t matter if you can barely do a push-up while the person next to you is lifting 100 pounds because you’re both at the gym to better yourselves. By keeping that in mind, you’ll naturally find yourself drifting away from what other people are doing and be more in tune with your own to-do list, which is where your focus should be.


It’s easy to get comfortable and send a new member on their way once a contract is signed and you have finalized their membership through My Enrollment, but don’t just take their money and let them figure out the rest because chances are, they still have a lot of questions and feel very insecure.

Being almost two months into the new year, now is about the time when resolutions begin to fade. According to FOX News, the perception that fitness clubs are looking a little less crowded is because gym fright is starting to sink in. Aside from gym memberships being too expensive, three out of the five reasons people are already giving up on their resolutions have to do with self-esteem issues and not knowing how to operate gym equipment.

Consistent guidance and follow-up are not only key to helping your members overcome gym fright but are also crucial to keeping them long-term. Here are some ways you can achieve that.


As an owner, there’s a lot to keep track of and you probably don’t know all of the details about a member at top of your head, but you can talk with them about what they hope to achieve, take notes and keep that information in their membership file. Ask them questions, get a feel for their specific needs, and make suggestions about different things their membership entails or how our gym software could benefit them. Use our retention cards as a personal touch to continuously make them feel welcome in your facility.


One of the most common reasons for people cancelling their memberships is because they aren’t seeing results, and that can derive from gym intimidation. Whether that means the member is doing certain exercises incorrectly or they are afraid to try new machines, it can usually be avoided by introducing them to motivators like personal training or group classes where they will be around others, won’t feel so lost and will have more customized workouts.


Members need a strong balance between details and efficiency, especially if they have specific fitness goals. That starts with teaching them how to use all of the tools that will help them be successful. First and foremost, introduce them to our Mobile App. Then in My Club Business, show them how to sign up for classes and personal training sessions using My Scheduler and Rapid Class Check in. Make sure they are aware of everything their membership offers along with any other add-ons they might need like supplements or childcare. A lot of the time, members don’t take full advantage of everything their gyms offer because they weren’t informed from the get-go.


New members usually have a lot of questions, one of them being where everything is located. According to FOX News, 49 percent of people are intimidated by the thought of the gym. Based on that statistic alone, it’s more than likely that many of your members avoid certain areas of your facility solely because they don’t know what they’re doing. As you show them around, walk them through how to check in, where lockers are and ask them if they have questions about classes or how to use certain equipment. Member money is valuable, and you don’t want them wasting it because they’re too intimidated by the weight room or they’re curious about using an elliptical but are too self-conscious to try it. If they feel limited, it’s likely that they will eventually cancel their membership, or it will expire and never renew. It is your responsibility to reassure them of why they signed up with your gym in the first place and to keep them coming back.


Facing fitness fears with a friend is a lot easier than doing it alone, and new members especially will benefit from this and be a lot more likely to step out of their comfort zones with a workout buddy. Not only does our Pass-a-friend program benefit the member with four guest passes, but it’s also a great opportunity for you as a club owner to gain prospects.

Bottom line is that happy members are lifelong members. The more comfortable they feel, the more they will take advantage of, which will lead to consistent usage of their membership and a greater chance of renewing their contract.