ASF 7 Diet Warning Signs To Watch Out For

7 Diet Warning Signs To Watch Out For

If you keep up with fitness and health trends, you’ve probably heard countless perceptions on how to lose weight. With how intimidating weight loss can be and how much light is shed on many diet fads, it’s easy to fall into traps. To help you prevent this, here are some warning signs to be mindful of.


Infomercials that guarantee a specific amount of weight loss in an unrealistic amount of time by following their diets or programs are what you need to watch out for. For one, these types of programs often lead to short-term results and water loss, not fat loss. Second, our bodies are all different, and even the most scientific of weight loss programs can’t predict how much weight someone will lose and how long it will take, according to SELF Magazine. Like it or not, true weight loss takes time and consistency. Keep in mind, however, not to confuse this with goal-oriented six-week fitness challenges that many gyms offer. The main takeaway is that if you see something on television that seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Although some supplements like green tea extract and glucomannan are supposed to suppress your appetite and aid in fat burning, there is no “magic pill” for weight loss. According to Healthline, certain pills can be useful to nudge your metabolism, but no pill truly sheds fat. A combination of a balanced diet along with consistent exercise are key to weight loss. Learn more about different weight loss mistakes here.


It’s no secret that many of us associate better products with higher costs. In fact, many gyms and fitness clubs offer programs and plans that are cost-heavy but are actually worth the money, however, according to SELF Magazine, if certain diets require you to purchase expensive supplements and outrageously priced organic food, then it’s probably a waste. What you should invest in is simple: whole foods like vegetables, fruit and lean proteins along with a gym membership, some workout gear and any other useful perks like personal training that will help you reach your fitness goals. Otherwise, turn the other way if it seems fishy and requires you to break the bank.


First off, this isn’t about specific diets like the Keto diet which eliminates carbs. If something like that works best for you, then do it. This is about weight loss programs that place toxic and bad labels on foods like dairy or gluten. The truth is that too much of anything isn’t good for you and weight loss takes place through a calorie deficit. Of course, it’s best to reduce the amount of processed foods you put into your body, but even these foods aren’t “toxic.” Restricting certain foods only makes us want them more, which leads to yo-yo behavior. Instead, practice moderation by eating clean most of the time and indulging some of the time. If your diet uses a fear tactic to scare you out of eating something, it’s best not to follow it.


Many diets out there use the “no exercise” tactic as a way of convincing us to follow their plans, because who wants to get up and work to lose weight, right?  To reiterate, weight loss operates by burning more calories than you consume. Although improving diet alone is extremely effective, results will eventually become stagnant if that’s your only weight loss approach. To achieve long-term results, it’s recommended to eat a balanced diet while focusing on weightlifting.The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn while at rest, which will ultimately help you shed the fat for good. The bottom line here is that you have to work for what you get–don’t be fooled otherwise.


It’s not necessarily a negative thing to have an end weight goal, but it’s important to understand the possible psychological harm the scale can do, which is why it’s best to stay away from any diet that strictly focuses on how much you weigh. This is because the scale doesn’t tell us the difference between fat and muscle. So, while you’re losing fat, you could also be gaining muscle in the process, which explains why you might not see a number drop. In a nutshell, the scale is commonly associated with the feeling of failure, so it’s best to stand clear of any diets that rely on it. Learn more about the scale here.


Juice cleanses have been around for ages and we trust them with the misconception that they are healthy and will detox our bodies. According to Redbook, there is no scientific evidence that says juice cleanses rid our bodies of toxins. These cleanses also deprive our bodies of essential nutrients that actually aid in weight loss like fiber, protein and healthy fats. So, if you’re on a juice cleanse and you’re feeling hungry and low on energy, it’s because your body needs substance and juice alone will not suffice. Juice cleanses can also cause weight gain, according to Redbook. The lack of calories during a juice cleanse results in the body holding onto whatever it can, which can slow the metabolism down, causing you to feel sluggish and eventually crash.


The best way to lose weight is whatever is most realistic for you, and diet fads are typically huge hypocrites when it comes to any sustainable measure of weight loss, so know the facts and do your research before committing to anything.



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