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Whether your fitness club is always busy, or you think you’re falling short in some ways, every business can improve. Just because you have members locked into contracts and using your facility on a daily basis doesn’t mean your job is done. In order to retain your members for life, it’s not only imperative to stay on top of your marketing strategies, but your gym needs real data to recognize patterns, understand your members, along with ensuring that your overall marketing efforts are working. Here are six of our reports that can help you achieve that.

6 Reports to Help with Marketing Your Gym


This attendance report displays the number of times a member has come into your facility by date range since signing a membership. It also gives a member’s contact information, their last visit date and their membership type. This is vital for your marketing efforts because analytically, it can give you a pretty good idea of whether or not a member is happy in your gym.

This report is also important for the first 30 days of someone’s membership so that you can establish a good first impression, and it’s especially crucial for open-ended contracts that require payments. For example, if you notice a member has not been in your facility for 60 days, there’s probably a high chance of that individual cancelling their membership. The 30/60/90 Day Retention Detail report allows you to track your members’ attendance at any time, on any device and anywhere, so that you can avoid attrition to the best of your ability and rev up your marketing efforts when needed.


Wishing your members happy birthday does make a positive impact and is a very simple way to effectively market to them. Our Birthday Lists report keeps record of all contract buyer and card holder birthdays, so that you don’t have to. Not only does it show membership beginning and expiration dates, but you can also email members straight from this report. When you individualize something for someone and make that person feel special, you have a higher chance of renewing their contract.


This attendance report digs deep into specifics. It shows how many females and males are coming into your facility on the hour. Showing analytics at an hourly rate is important for determining the peak times of your gym, and retaining gender-specific data is helpful because maybe if there’s a certain time frame you see fewer women, you can market heavier to your female members to get more people in.

Because you are able to recognize hourly patterns, you can easily test out marketing strategies and see if any numbers fluctuate. For example, this is a great report for something like the holiday season. Since people typically tend to fall short with physical fitness during that time, it would be a good chance for you to test the waters on some holiday marketing and see the direct impact for a specific time of day or for a certain gender.


Your facility may have people of all different ages coming in, but every gym has a specific demographic. When it comes to physical fitness, age plays a huge factor in determining your demographic. For example, if your fitness club is a barre studio, majority of your members are probably female, specifically between the ages of 18 and 30.

Our Age Breakdown report provides actual numbers for you to track your demographic. Not only can you run reports by contract buyer and card holder, but this report gives you a total count of your members by age and gender. Overall, it helps you know what age range you have coming into your facility so that you know better who to market to. Another example would be if most of your members are seniors, you probably wouldn’t want to advertise an intense body pump class.


This report displays all member account notes entered by your club or by ASF for any date. The notes could be financial or anything pertaining to a specific member that might be helpful for your gym to know. If your club has a promotion going on, this is also a great generic report to show who specifically participated in the promotion. Another example could be that if a contract expired, a staff member can make note of having already contacted that member in the Daily Notes List, which will put your club and ASF on the same page to prevent over-calling and excessive marketing.


The helpful thing about this report is that it is specific to the upkeep of your facility. It allows ASF to notify you of details about your club that you may not be aware of. When a member calls into ASF, we are able to put their feedback into the Daily Service Notes List so that you can easily view it. For example, if one of your machines is broken or there was a complaint about the cleanliness of your weight room, those notes can be entered into this report, so you can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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