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My Member Account Mobile App is a simple tool designed to generate revenue for owners through increased member engagement. It allows members to sign up for fitness classes, whether it’s personal or team training, Zumba or a body pump class.

Members can also check in right from their phones, view their own personal schedules including past and future events and purchase additional workout sessions. The app greets members by name and supports a personalized profile photo. 

Custom to Your Club
& Members

Owners can customize the interface with their logos and color schemes, display club promotions and featured events.

  • Greets members by name
  • Customizable interface with club logos & colors
  • Selfie feature for person profile pictures
ASF my member account customization screenshots
ASF my member account screenshots on phone

Generate More Revenue

The convenient display of club promotions and featured events allow members to make easy and quick purchases.

  • Displays club promotions
  • Shows featured events
  • Quick and easy transactions

Simple and Informative Member Engagement

Quick sign-up, easy purchasing and personalized greetings connect members to owners both on and off screen.

  • Easy check-in from mobile devices
  • Displays important club messages and updates
  • Ideal for multi-club owners
ASF my member account screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

My Club Business is ASF’s gym management software suite designed for health clubs, gyms and martial arts studios. It includes the following applications:

  • Enrollment
  • Scheduler
  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Online & Self Check-in
  • Reports
  • Mobile App

No! Although all applications within My Club Business work together, we designed the software suite so it can benefit any type of club or gym, big or small. It’s simple–only buy what your club will use!

If you’re not already an ASF client, contact our Sales Department for a demo: [email protected] or 800-227-3859 for more information.

For current ASF clients, please contact our Client Support Team: [email protected] or 800-527-6898.


“They knew exactly what I needed to get started, trained our entire staff in using the software, assisted in developing an annual club enhancement fee, and they continue to assist daily with member retention. Their customer service is second to none! The staff at ASF is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. I would highly recommend their services.”

–  Lisa H.    |    The Gym at Picayune