Accuracy and Control With Gym Training and Class Scheduling

Accuracy and Control with Gym Training and Class Scheduling

Having control and accuracy of training sessions purchased, used and commissions paid has to be a top priority on any owner’s list. Moreover, My Scheduler has immediate updates to the status of appointments in “real-time.”

Online Scheduling

It is quick and easy online scheduling by staff and members that not only keeps your day on track, but also helps keep your trainers organized. With My Scheduler, you will keep your appointments and trainers on the same page, and at the same time.


  • Readily available training and class schedules for entire staff
  • Convenient appointment text alerts
  • Integrated with My POS and your member’s account
  • Extensive reporting including training program profitability
  • Fast member check-in with a few simple clicks


Stay Organized, Save Time & Streamline

  • Add to your class scheduling system with ASF’s Rapid Class Check-in
  • Organize your staff or member schedules for class
  • Quickly check-in members, or simply select all
  • Conveniently check-in unscheduled drop-ins
  • Readily check red flag accounts
  • Effectively view class attendance reports

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