health club management software

Generate More Revenue Through Health Club Management Software

ASF continues to provide products and services to better serve health clubs and their members. We offer a host of creative ways to enhance the member experience, generate revenue and increase your gym membership. From “process only” to “premium” payment management, we work one-on-one with you to determine the most effective service level for your business. We differentiate ourselves from other "software only" and "processor" companies that only provide payment service software. Having the flexibility of a full service partner like ASF gives you assurance and the back-up you need to focus on growing your business.

Gym software

ASF’s gym management software is all about immediate access anywhere, anytime and most importantly, we provide your club “real time” information when you need it. Your account can be accessed from your office, home, tablet or smartphone. Our software package is comprised of innovative products designed to best serve our clients and their members.

Is maintaining the status quo for your business good enough? We believe “change” contributes to growth and through serving our clients with the right products, we help make a difference in your success. Are you ready to change?


  • Increased club cash flow
  • Significant reduction in late payments and lost income
  • Recurring payment processes for Dues, Add-ons and Profit Centers
  • Agile billing frequencies including: monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly drafts
  • Membership online payment by credit card or ACH
  • Automatic member email statements with QuickPay link
  • Convenient remit dates – Get Your Money When You Need It
  • No set-up or monthly maintenance fees
  • Innovative marketing referral program
  • Quick and easy gym member enrollment process
  • Comprehensive POS inventory management system
  • Readily available scheduling for classes and training
  • Available online and mobile reports
  • Continual software training
  • Knowledgeable client service support