ASF Employee Edward Paprocki

ASF Employee Spotlight: Edward Paprocki

We have a team of exceptional individuals here at ASF. Our Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee to give you an inside look into our company culture and the talented team you have access to as well. We ask questions about the awesome work they do here at ASF and find out a little about their lives outside of work, which we know is just as awesome. 

This week, we interviewed Support Service Specialist, Edward Paprocki.

At Work

1) How long have you been at ASF, and what are your day-to-day duties?

I started with ASF in November 2019 and worked until April 2020 as a Client Support Representative. Then I returned with excitement in October 2020 as a Support Services Specialist. I assist clients and members day-to-day, with just about every issue or question they have, assuring the best possible resolution I can provide. I show customers how to complete certain tasks in the software, and I help members with billing and account questions. Helping people is something I really enjoy.

2) What previous education or work experience do you have that helps you find success in your current position?

I have worked in customer facing roles such as grocery, fast food, and leasing. I have worked in many call centers resolving federal student loans, retaining business customers for a large telecommunications company, and with folks in the mortgage business.  All experiences that have helped to direct my success in my current role. The diversity of the customers that I have helped over the years also has contributed to my success.

3) How have you seen the company strengthen its partnerships within the fitness industry and improve the software to better meet customer needs?

I have seen many improvements with the partnerships with EverCommerce & Club OS, fortifying ASF in the industry. The software is extremely robust and very user friendly. I see the company putting the customer service to the forefront of importance. We have a ticket system that tracks communications better with the tech support process becoming more streamlined, as well as the upgraded quality assurance measures coming soon to keep us ever improving on the customer front. By having the best software, the best and most adaptable processes available, and now the best customer service and support to offer, we will be able to meet customers’ needs better. 

4) “Customer success” is a broad term. How do you define success for ASF customers?

For me customer success is when a person is frustrated at the beginning of an interaction and by the end of that interaction you can hear or see a smile in their voice or on their face.  It is resolving an issue with the most kind and positive attitude toward the person, while listening attentively for the points of pain and working to resolve the issue. Positivity and kindness is what customer service must be post 2020.

5) What ASF feature are you most proud of?

I have to say the robust and user-friendly software program, My Club Business. It is amazing that all of us and all the clubs can work through the same software program at the same time.  Most of it can be tailored to what a club has to offer. If a club offers child care, there is already a software app, as well as a lockers app that can be added if a club has this option. The list of reports to get your tracked information is amazing. If I owned a gym, I would not want any other option. I would choose My Club Business and all the development that goes with it. 

After Work

1) Outside of work, what hobbies or activities do you pursue? 

I am up for just about anything and I love doing almost everything. I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, walking, cooking, driving, and volunteering. I also love watching hockey, football, and sometimes soccer. My volunteering spans from Amp The Cause, to Habitat for Humanity to feeding the homeless. I take care of my church property’s buildings and grounds, and l serve on its governing body. I really like volunteering my time whenever possible.

2) What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

Wow, this is a tough one because I know some others that enjoy this too. I like maple sausage in a wrap with cheese and jalapeños or hot sauce. I also enjoy cherry chocolate chip ice cream mixed with mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with warm caramel and chocolate sauces.

3) What shows did you binge during COVID?

During COVID, I believe it was only all the seasons of Below Deck, some of the seasons of Million Dollar Listing, and then the series Band of Brother’s. I am not a huge TV person, but I have a couple shows I enjoy.

4) If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?

I think if I really had to choose someone to narrate my life it would be  1st choice, James Earl Jones. My second choice would be Morgan Freeman. If they were not available I would choose one of the two most recent Steeler coaches, Bill Cowhert or Mike Tomlin.



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