Talk Data to Me, Part I: Using ASF Dashboard Data to Drive Club Revenue 

ASF | Talk Data to Me

Data is an integral part of running a successful gym. Knowing how your club is performing allows you to determine what areas need work, what areas are doing well, and how you can refine your operations and strategies to reach your business goals.   In fact, data is so important in the fitness industry that Sarah […]

The Power of Mobile: 4 Ways a Gym Mobile App Will Benefit Your Staff 

ASF | Mobile App

When you run a gym, there are a lot of products on the market you’ll have to look at and decide whether they’re worth it for your business to invest in. Mobile fitness applications are one of those products that are climbing in popularity. But will a mobile app really make that much of a […]

How to Strengthen Your Gym’s Brand 

ASF | Gym Brand

When a person decides to join a gym, they have many options to choose from. If you want them to choose you over everyone else, you have to clearly communicate who you are, why you’re their best option, and the benefits they’ll enjoy when they sign up with you. That sounds like a tall order. […]

How to Close the Sale on a Prospective Gym Member 

Nurturing gym member leads is all well and good, but if you can’t seal the deal at the end of the day, the work you’ve done doesn’t really matter. When you’re trying to get prospects to commit to a membership, you’re pretty much a salesperson trying to close the sale. If you can master every […]

5 Gym Membership Pricing Tips 

ASF | 85 Gym Membership Pricing Tips

When prospective members are looking for the right gym, price is one of the first and biggest factors they consider. The average cost of a gym membership in 2021 was $37.71, but that doesn’t mean that price will work for every fitness business. The right strategy for your membership pricing will depend on what you […]

How Analytics and Reporting Can Help Your Fitness Business

In the age of the internet and social media, there is no escaping data. With every click, scroll, like, and purchase, consumers are offering up their data to companies on a silver platter. If your business isn’t taking that platter of consumer information — which has been aptly termed “big data” — and treating it […]

How to Increase Employee Retention at Your Gym or Fitness Club

Few companies have escaped the impact of what has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” of 2021. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in August of this year alone, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs. Gyms and fitness clubs have found themselves to be no exception to this trend, especially considering the hit the […]

How to Engage and Retain Gym Members During the Holidays

To say the holidays are a hectic time would be an understatement for most. Between digging out the decorations, prepping for celebrations, shopping for gifts, and traveling to see or hosting family, there’s not much time left for self-care. For gym-goers, this often means falling off track with their exercise routine as other distractions and obligations take precedence.  […]

How to Help Gym Members with Accountability

Accountability and fitness go together like blender bottles and protein powder. When people join your gym, they’re looking for a place where they can confidently achieve their fitness goals — with plenty of support in tow. So how can you help gym members with accountability? Merriam-Webster defines accountability as “an obligation or willingness to accept […]