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The Power of Mobile: Give Members Control of Their Club Journey with a Mobile App 

It’s no secret that the fitness app industry has been growing, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2022, there are approximately 86.3 million health and fitness app users in the United States alone. If your gym wants to stay relevant and continue to meet members where they are, then investing in a branded mobile app is non-negotiable. 

With the launch of ASF’s new staff and member app, ASF Mobile, we’re exploring just how effective a gym mobile app can be at helping clubs streamline operations and elevate the member experience in our blog series: The Power of Mobile. First up is learning about how a mobile app empowers your members to control their club experience and fitness journey.  

Simplify & Streamline Attendance 

The easier it is for members to get to your club and get their workout done, the more empowered they’ll feel in their fitness journey. With a gym mobile app, you can give your members the ability to check in for their club visits, book group classes, purchase classes and training sessions, and reserve equipment for classes.  

These features streamline their entire club and fitness experience, allowing them to book classes wherever and whenever they want, and check in quickly to get straight to their workout. When you make your club more accessible, members become more active and engaged in their fitness journey. 

Track Fitness Progress 

Anybody who has ever set fitness goals knows that sometimes you feel like you’re working as hard as you can and seeing no results. When you get to that point, it’s difficult to find the motivation to keep putting in the work. A great way to boost motivation in your members when they start to stall is to help them see what they’ve accomplished so far.  

According to Pew Research Center, one in five Americans use a smartwatch or fitness tracker — and it’s likely that many of your members fall into that 20%. By integrating their fitness wearables with your gym’s app, members can gain more visibility into their progress.  

Not only will this help drive them to keep going, but it will also help them refine their approach if they’re not on track to their goals. In fact, in a study conducted by The Obesity Society, 74% of participants who digitally self-monitored their efforts were successful in losing weight. All in all, tracking workouts and nutrition and integrating this data with your mobile app will help your members become more successful in achieving their fitness goals. 

Easily Connect with Personal Trainers 

When members are in the midst of a personal training session with an expert guiding them through their workout with advice and motivation, it’s easy for them to stay focused on their fitness goals. But when they’re at home on the couch trying to decide if they should watch another episode on Netflix and order a pizza or do the workout their trainer assigned them, it’s not as easy to make the healthy decision. 

Mobile fitness applications make it easier for members to stay focused and motivated by connecting them with their personal trainers any time, from anywhere. Through your gym’s app, trainers can message clients directly, create and send them customized workout and nutrition plans, and send push notification reminders for them to log activity. This constant connection will help keep members accountable, making workouts convenient and easy to complete in the gym, at home, or wherever they want.  

Provide Workout Resources 

Another way a gym mobile app helps members take control of their club experience is by offering resources for their workouts. Unless you’re a PT, it’s challenging to come up with new workouts all the time that are effective and specific to your fitness goals. Most members who don’t turn to group classes or personal training sessions will settle for rotating between the same few workouts and exercises. This can both stunt their progress and bore them. 

Certain mobile apps, such as ASF Mobile, allow members to access workout templates and videos even if they’re not working with a trainer. With more DIY options at their fingertips, they can keep their club experiences exciting and stay engaged with their fitness journey and your gym. Plus, free workout resources add more value to their membership, contributing even further to retention. 

Empower Members & Enhance Their Club Experience with ASF Mobile 

The right gym mobile app will make your members’ fitness journey easier, streamline their club experience, engage and motivate them, and help them achieve their goals. ASF Mobile is your complete and fully customizable fitness app solution for enhancing the member experience, making club operations more efficient, and boosting revenue. 

With ASF mobile, members have the power to check in to your gym, book classes, purchase PT sessions, and more. Your trainers can use the app to send clients customized workout and nutrition plans, chat with them directly, and monitor their progress.  

Book a demo today to learn more about what you can do with ASF Mobile!  



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