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Solomon Brenner and Michael St. John, Co-Founders of the Martial Arts Collective, lead an organization of 22 martial arts schools in the Philadelphia area. Recently, they’ve partnered with Dave Kovar, an icon in the martial arts world, to put together something that has never been done before, The Martial Arts CEO.  Together they’re helping martial arts school owners escape middle management and truly become the CEO of their business and today they’re sharing their top 5 Tips to make sure your school is ready for the fall season. 

1. Check for White-Glove Clean

Cleanliness is key. Martial arts studios and fitness facilities around the world have revamped and overhauled their cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of their students and members. This should always be part of your process. Check to make sure all frequently touched surfaces and areas throughout your studio are frequently being sanitized and held to the highest cleaning standards possible. Every morning should begin with members of your staff starting with the front door and working their way to the back of your facility to make sure your school is spotless. Be sure to replace any used or torn equipment. Make sure all training areas are properly wiped down after every use. Your students will thank you for taking extra precautions for their health, and your school will look more inviting to prospects!

2. Train and Re-Train on Your Systems

This refresher should include best practices for every human touch point from answering the phones to warmly greeting students at the start of their first class. Put time aside each day to role-play any scripts and go over any potential scenarios – there’s no sense in having an influx of new students if your procedures aren’t ready! You should be constantly on the lookout for new best practices and creative ways to enhance your school’s training systems. There’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken, but at the same time, don’t be too attached to your existing methods. Even a small improvement can pay big dividends to your school in the long run.

3. Remind Your Students About the Importance of Training Year Round

It’s imperative that your students keep training all throughout the year. You’ll be able to make sure they stay up to date on skill and technique — and guarantee you’re constantly building your revenue streams. Your messaging during class needs to focus on perseverance and training through time-management obstacles. Share these types of lessons via Facebook and email as well as during classes.

4. Keep the Connection With Your Students Strong

With hundreds of schools and fitness options on the market today, it’s important to make sure your students feel valued and know that you’re personally invested in their journey with them. Forging those special connections is more important than ever, and checking in on each student’s progress will make them feel welcomed and special. Send a personalized video to each family congratulating them on training through the summer and commending them on their grit to train through challenging times. Martial arts is a family affair, and taking the time to know the parents, siblings, and grandparents is a great way to strengthen the dynamics at your school. The stronger the relationship, the longer they’ll be a student.

5. Keep Your Marketing Momentum Going

This blog might focus on improvements you can make at your school during the fall, but progress doesn’t end there. Posting on Facebook and social media is extremely important for growth and advertisement, but there are other ways you can demonstrate that you’re prepared to go the extra mile. Keep an eye out for local fall events where you can promote your school. Look for opportunities to hand out flyers promoting the benefits of martial arts and what your studio can offer. Try reaching out to local elementary schools and daycares to expand your existing clientele. No idea is too crazy, and the possibilities are endless.

Let the Martial Arts Collective Strengthen Your School!

Have questions about how to make all this happen? Reach out to Solomon and Michael by clicking here.

They’ll show you how you can take your school to new levels with their industry-proven programs. Accelerator clients get school-growing perks such as access to the team behind this multi-million-dollar organization, a standing invitation to join their daily team meetings, and access systems required to run a successful school, including everything you need for marketing, enrolling new students, retention, classroom management, instructor development, and much more. School owners no longer have to feel alone; you can tap into a network of support in the trenches who will help your school perform at an elite level.



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