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You’re Only as Good as Your Gym Membership App

27 June 2016

Gym memberships are all about the return on investment. People join a gym to make lifestyle changes that help reach their personal fitness goals. When they don’t see the transformation they want to see, they leave. The gym alone does not retain members. Communication is key when it comes to engaging members through club events, and educating people about classes, offers, teams, and updates. That being said, you are only as good as your gym membership app.

4 Ways to Improve Your Gym Membership App

Class Schedules

Many gyms offer group fitness classes designed to make working out “fun.” Club instructors and personal trainers lead groups and individuals in cycle classes, kickboxing, interval training, yoga, Zumba, and so many other activities that are specific to each gym. With group fitness schedules changing on a monthly or quarterly rotation, keeping members in the loop with updates and schedules is simple with an effective gym membership app. In addition to staying up to date with changes, a gym membership app is a great way for members to check day-to-day schedules and read descriptions, as well as selling the benefits for each class or PT that the gym offers. Through Push Notifications, you can upsell future classes, or individual training sessions that you’re planning and create that all-important member anticipation.

Exercise Tracking

Many effective gym membership apps include a virtual journal, which allows members to keep track of their workouts. For example, with My ASF Mobile App, club members can record their workout, log their calorie and fat burn, and track their progress over time. An effective gym app that allows for exercise tracking is an interactive way to keep your members engaged and excited about improving on their previous numbers. This somewhat addictive behavior not only keeps members present on your club app, but it ultimately creates a win/win for both the member and gym management.

Club Announcements

Gyms often host various nutrition courses, 5K training runs, challenge and rewards programs and other club events throughout the year. Incorporating advertising, registration, and information about club announcements into Push Notifications on the club’s mobile app guarantees every user the most up-to-date information about events happening at their gym. It also provides a pre-paid environment when members sign-up.

Through your club’s mobile app, members can purchase PT and class packages with a simple click. Posting these training and class schedules are a way of keeping them “top of mind” for your members, and acts as a continual promotion in selling those activities.

Payment/Update Capabilities

Offering a gym app that allows members to purchase classes and PT directly through a payment management system is a huge advantage as far as customer service is concerned. Having a mobile app with a payment system operating in the background frees up more time for your staff to focus on the club’s activities such as selling the member benefits of the programs you’re offering.


Having a gym membership app offers members a sense of exclusivity. They have access to tools and training material that can only be used by members of a particular gym. Club mobile apps serve as a great health reminder for every mobile device user. It keeps members engaged through interaction, builds awareness about all the benefits, and increases club revenue through member participation in PT and classes. The surge of mobile devices has created a more cost effective and direct way to engage your members through club mobile apps.

Stephen Wilson
Marketing Manager

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Steve joined the ASF team as a veteran of marketing and advertising beginning at Portland State University. After a 10-year stint in Washington, DC as an advertising agency Art Director, Steve moved to Denver where he was Principal and Director of Creative Services at an advertising and public relations agency for 14 years focusing on branding and strategic communications. He has worked in a wide variety of industries and concentrated on health and wellness for a number of years. His work on national marketing and advertising campaigns has earned him many accreditations and awards.