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With ASF’s employee commitment to health and fitness, our company values and supports the club community we serve by living it day to day.



Alon Fluxman
Chief Information Officer

Alon has been regularly attending his club’s spin class. “Sitting at a computer all day, I recognize the need to get away from my desk and break up my day with a workout.” For Alon, a spin class is not only a great cardio workout, but has helped strengthen his back and alleviate some pain.

Alon’s Workout:
Works out 4-5 times a week (spin class)


Amber Farris
Client Support Supervisor

Preparing for the Spartan Beast Challenge. This event is held in Breckenridge, CO and starts at 9,600 feet near the Continental Divide and continues uphill from there. The course includes 15 miles of trail running with up to 35 obstacles along the course.

Amber’s Workout:
4 days a week, CrossFit and Functional Training, (Olympic lifting, body weight training, Kettlebells, and Strong Man)
3 days a week running indoor and outdoor (varied inclines and hills
1 day a week endurance cycle and run combination

christie_wtt.jpgChristie McPherson
Client Training Manager

Christie is passionate about everything that’s fitness oriented. She uses her experience to inspire people to discover what living a healthy lifestyle feels like in mind and body. “Clean eating, planning, and preparation are key to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.”

Christie's training and teaching includes:
Strength/HIIT Training: 2-3 times per week
Cardio/HIIT Training: 4-5 times per week
Les Mills classes: Body Combat, Body Pump, CXWORX, GRIT, RPM
Yoga: 2-3 times per week
Cycle Instructor, and is CPR/AED certified
Supplements gym workouts with outdoor activities (hiking, jogging, and walking)

jess_wtt.jpgJessica Carter
Client Training Specialist

Jessica’s goals are to maintain her current weight and remain healthy so as she ages, her children will not have the burden of care from an unhealthy lifestyle or health issues.

Jessica’s Workout:
Works out 4-5 times a week (spin class, strength training, cardio, functional training and group-x classes
Nutrition (logging food intake with fitness app including lean meats, fish, vegetables, low carbs)
Supplements gym workouts with outdoor activities (hiking, jogging, and walking)

bob_wtt.jpgRobert Riches
ASF President

Bob became involved in fitness through Tae Kwon Do becoming a 5th degree black belt and Certified Instructor (American Tae Kwon Do Association). Bob later transitioned to health club workouts. “Fitness has been a way of life for me since I was very young. I try to keep my workouts fresh by doing a variety of exercise routines.” Bob belongs to multiple fitness facilities, which also gives him the opportunity to interact with both members and owners in different fitness environments.

Bob’s Workout:
Free Weights
Selectorized Equipment
Functional Training
Cardio Equipment

sean_wtt.jpgSean Kirby
Vice President, Client Relations

Sean trains not as a fun activity, but a necessary way of life to battle his blood clotting disease. He’s adapted to a combination of functional training and some traditional weight training. By improving his overall cardiovascular conditioning, he’s now in control of managing his disease instead of it controlling him. “We all have challenges, but working out is as beneficial for me mentally as it is physically.”

Sean’s Workout:
5 Day Training Routine (5 days on, one day off)
2 Days of Functional Training, 3 Days Weight Training
No Supplements, Healthy Diet

shanti_wtt.jpgShanti Stotler
Risk Analyst

Shanti caught the “workout bug” about two and a half years ago.  “I absolutely love how I feel after a hard workout. Knowing that I pushed myself is a great accomplishment.”  Shanti recognizes the changes in her overall health and finds encouragement to continue with this healthy lifestyle.”

Shanti’s Workout:
5 Day Training Routine (5 days on, one day off)
2 Days of Functional Training, 3 Days Weight Training
One very deserved rest day and start all over again

tyler_wtt.jpgTyler Gamble
Sales Executive

Ty has been actively working to improve his fitness level since the age of 7. He started with plyometrics to enhance his athletic performance. He grew his exercise routine to include resistance training to maintain his size and strength. “I don’t consider what I do working out, its training. Training my body to respond the way I need it to.”

Ty’s Workout:
6-Day Training Routine (different body part each day)
Warm up (1 mile run on treadmill)
Strength building lift, auxiliary exercises, body resistance exercise, burn out
Training concludes with 20 minutes on the stair-mill
6th day dedicated to core exercises

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