Our experience in the industries we serve has been crucial to the development of our products and services.

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At ASF, we pride ourselves on our exceptional client training and support, member services and technical support.

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ASF was founded on and is still run by the same principle: to provide business owners with the best programs to help them drive revenue and grow their business. In the early days of the fitness business, Richard Reed, a club owner and entrepreneur, was looking for a more efficient way to collect monthly dues from members. He found that other club owners were also frustrated with the lack of billing options available. So in 1973, Mr. Reed created ASF, and pioneered the usage of EFT in the fitness industry.

ASF has witnessed the evolution of the fitness and martial arts industries from their humble beginnings to what they are today: a powerful group of business owners dedicated to changing lives around the world. Many members of our team have either managed or worked in health clubs or martial arts schools, and their knowledge and experience has been crucial to the development of our products and services. We've adapted and expanded our services as these industries have grown and now provide billing, software and marketing services to thousands of facilities across North America.

Our vision is driven by the relationships we've built with our clients. 

Our longevity in the industry combined with client feedback has helped us pinpoint the best methods of payment processing and software development. Many of the advancements we've made in our services and software can be credited to the constant dialogue we have with our clients. This communication opens the door to innovative ideas that ultimately help both sides grow and creates a mutually beneficial partnership.

Outsourcing financial services to experts is common in every industry, but some owners struggle with the thought of losing touch with important aspects of their business. With ASF you're in control of your business and your memberships 24/7. We'll service your member accounts as if they were our own, but at the end of the day, you're the boss.

Your business is unique and with that in mind we provide flexible solutions that can be tailored to your business' needs and growth model. A partnership with ASF will help you increase your cash flow, organize your member and financial information, acquire more prospects and retain more members. 

ASF Staff Spotlight

Julie Ingram

Julie Ingram

Client Support Supervisor
“It is always gratifying to see excellent people rewarded for service and competence. Julie, you consistently exude a superior attitude regarding customer service. It is one thing to adopt a warm, respectful attitude when working to solve other people's problems- it's another thing to demonstrate that you fully "get it". Those who need your help feel uncommonly valued and deeply grateful when your assistance has this extra layer of depth to it. My interaction with you, from the beginning, has been of that quality. It is of little surprise that it is this quality that ASF would want supervising others in the Client Support realm.”
-Wayne, Core Fitness

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