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6 Tips to Increase Personal Training Revenue

Personal training is the hidden revenue generator in most clubs.There is no reason your club can’t be producing at least 30%, if not more, of your monthly revenue from your training programs.

March Madness

Just three months ago, new members flocked into your club with dreams and resolutions of becoming more healthy, fit and reaching the goal they had set in their mind. This is traditionally the time of year that those members start dropping off the attendance list, losing track of their dreams and realize they're not reaching that goal. They need help.

5 Retention Strategies to Start Today

Member retention is key to success (and cash flow) in this business. You really do need to treat each member like gold to make sure they aren’t defecting to the competition, falling off the wagon or losing interest in your services. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for our industry, with New Year’s resolutions motivating people to sign up with little or no effort on our part. Now that they’ve joined, what is your strategy to keep them coming? Keep reading for five easy action items to increase your facility’s member retention.

I had a great service experience at my club!

This new feature allows a front desk team to give great personalized service and gives members that 'WOW!' moment. Guess what? It was done within the week, and clients love it!

Saving money, but at what cost?

After really digging deep into the differences, we discovered that he might save money, but at the cost of additional payroll and overhead that would well exceed his savings.

I Love Technology!

When we first introduced fingerprint scanning about six years ago, there was a lot of resistance to this new-fangled, seemingly invasive, technology. As forward-thinking as our industry is, I have to say there are many owner/operators, as well as members, that are resistant to change like this.  So, how do you change minds? Educate!


I recently ran across an online article about a new program in Boston called Gym-Pact, which gives gym members the ability to schedule their workouts and if they miss a workout, they are charged a “motivational fee”. Some might argue that positive, not negative, reinforcement is what members need to keep motivated.

Who Am I?

Why should you care about my thoughts, opinions and advice? I am your customer.  A woman in her thirties trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but constantly struggling to find the time and motivation. I can show you how your business looks from the mind of the consumer, yet I also offer the unique perspective of someone who has worked with business owners for the past decade.

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